Glass Labyrinth

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Glass Labyrinth
Glass Labyrinth
Level code 2-2
Game DK: Jungle Climber
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Glass Labyrinth is the second level of the second world in DK: Jungle Climber.


When the player enters the level, they will find themselves outside surrounded by water. They should jump down into the water, touch the DK Barrel and walk towards the right. The player will then be in deeper water. They should allow Donkey Kong to sink to the bottom, and float into a downwards facing Cannon Barrel. They will then be able to collect the Letter K and multiple jewels before jumping into the barrel on the other side. They player will be fired to the right, destroying two Lockjaws. They player must then go back to the left and jump over the Cannon Barrel, and down into the gap to its left, where the player can collect the second Banana Coin (the first one can be obtained later). The player can then head back over to the right and walk into the upwards facing Cannon Barrel. They player should then allow themselves to fall back through the rocky gap, and onto the small ledge with the Letter O. They player should then re-fire themselves upwards, this time landing on the ledge. They can then jump onto the pegs and over to the left, across the wooden barrels and into the Bonus Barrel where they will play a game of Banana Bonanza. Once completed, the player will land back on the rock ledge. They must then jump over the left edge and grab the pegs below. They can then grab the single square set and launch Diddy Kong upwards and breaking the single wooden barrel, obtaining the first Banana Coin (the player will now have Banana Coins one and two). They can then go back over to the far right Cannon Barrel and continue on to the next section.

The player will see Xananab. He talk about the device which opens a wormhole. The player must then walk past Xananab, jumping down the gap and into the water. They should walk over to the left, floating over the two gaps with Lockjaws in them. They should then climb up the pegs and onto the ledge, grabbing the device. They should then attack or avoid the Flitter, and jump into the Cannon Barrel. They can then walk over to Xananab, who will use the device to open a wormhole. They can then jump into the wormhole and continue on to the next section.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グラス ラビリンス
Gurasu Rabirinsu
Glass Labyrinth

Spanish Laberinto de Cristal
Crystal Labyrinth