Twinkle Mart

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Twinkle Mart
Mario next to Twinkle Mart
“Welcome to Twinkle Mart! If we're not closed, we're open!”
Howzit, Super Paper Mario

Twinkle Mart is a shop located in the Outer Limits of space in Super Paper Mario. This store is run by a pink version of Howzit, who seems to have very few customers; according to the shopkeeper himself, Mario is the first customer since the "grand opening". Twinkle Mart is a chocolate store, where only three items can be bought. Below is a table that displays the three items that can be bought at the shop.

Item Price
Sweet Choco-bar SPM.png
Sweet Choco-bar
10 Coins
Shroom Choco-bar SPM.png
Shroom Choco-bar
50 Coins
Golden Choco-bar SPM.png
Golden Choco-bar
100 Coins

Twinkle Mart is the only regularly accessible shop whose products can otherwise be obtained through cooking - this is due to the fact that a Choco-bar is required in order to open the gate, yet the player does not yet have access to either Dyllis in order to prepare it or a source of the ingredients required to make it (Mild Cocoa Beans, which are first obtainable in Chapter 5).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ティンクル☆マート
Tinkuru Māto


  • The German version states that Notso, rather than Howzit, runs Twinkle Mart. The English localization merely notes that the version of him in Twinkle Mart seems to have a different personality than normal. In the Japanese version, it is simply stated that Howzit runs Twinkle Mart.