Lucien Cup Finals

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Lucien Cup Finals
Location Marina Stadium
Mission # 27
Game Mario Tennis Aces
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Lucien Cup Finals is the twenty-seventh mission in Mario Tennis Aces, taking place in Marina Stadium. This is the only Adventure Mode mission in Mario Tennis Aces where the player controls a character other than Mario.


Mario and Toad return to Marina Stadium to see Peach and Daisy with a flyer for the "Lucien Cup". Aster then appears to split his power amongst Peach and Daisy to help them in the doubles portion against Wario and Waluigi and allowing Mario to face Luigi in the singles portion.

In this mission, Peach and Daisy must play a three-set doubles match against Wario and Waluigi, with the player controlling Peach. Afterwards, Mario must play a three-set singles match with Luigi. Both matches serve as a test for the player over what they have accomplished thus far.

Afterwards, despite Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi being freed from Lucien's control, Bowser steals Lucien and the Power Stones for himself to control its power, then travels to the Temple of Bask Shrine to await Mario in a final face-off.

In-game text[edit]

  • "Defeat your mind-controlled friends, including poor Luigi, in a tennis match!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 決戦 エスターカップ
Kessen Esutā Kappu
Final Battle Lucien Cup

Italian Trofeo Lucigna
Lucien Trophy
Spanish (NOE) Final de la Copa Lucius
Lucien Cup Finals