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This article is about Under Construction, a level in New Super Luigi U. For other uses, see Superstar Road-5.
Under Construction
Screenshot of Under Construction in New Super Luigi U.
Level code World 9-5
World Superstar Road
Game New Super Luigi U
Time limit 100 seconds
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Under Construction, or Superstar Road-5, is the fifth course of Superstar Road in New Super Luigi U. It is unlocked by collecting every Star Coin in Soda Jungle.


The level starts in an area with an area similar to the forest in Soda Jungle. As the player moves, Brick Blocks appear and are used as platforms to avoid falling in the poisonous water. Then, after a Red Ring and more Brick Blocks, the player must wall-jump to proceed. Afterward, some Circling Boo Buddies will appear. Then, some Brick Blocks will form stairs to enable the player to reach the Goal Pole.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1: At the beginning, the Star Coin is encased in Brick Blocks. The player must destroy them to obtain it. The player can also stand atop the Brick Blocks and wait for the Star Coin to go up to obtain it.
  • Star Coin 2: After the player wall-jumps up to continue with the level, the Star Coin is located in between Brick Blocks. The player must fall down and wall-jump to obtain it.
  • Star Coin 3: In the middle of the coins forming a square above the second constructed platform after the second Star Coin is a Hidden Block with a Beanstalk. After climbing up it, the player can climb up and down on a 16-bit Luigi. Above his head is the third Star Coin.

Luigi sightings[edit]

  • When the player goes up the level's Beanstalk, the player can climb up and down on a 16-bit Luigi.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese つぎつぎ出てくる きけんな足場
Tsugitsugi Detekuru Kiken na Ashiba
Continously Appearing Dangerous Scaffold

Chinese 不断冒出来的危险立足处 (Simplified)
不斷冒出來的危險立足處 (Traditional)
Búduàn Mào Chūlái de Wēixiǎn Lìzúchù
Continously Appearing Dangerous Scaffold

Italian Lavori in corso
Work in progress
Korean 계속해서 나타나는 위험한 발판
Gyesokhaeso Natananeun Wiheomhan Balpan
Continously Appearing Dangerous Scaffold

Portuguese Floresta Assombrada em Obras
Haunted Forest Under Construction
Spanish (NOA) Obra inconclusa
Incomplete Construction
Spanish (NOE) El misterio de la ciénaga en obras
The Mystery of the Swamp Under Construction

Level map[edit]

Level map