Stonecrush Tower

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This article is about Stonecrush Tower, a level in New Super Luigi U. For other uses, see Meringue Clouds-Tower.
Stonecrush Tower
NSLU Stonecrush Tower Screenshot.png
Level code Meringue Clouds-Tower
World Meringue Clouds
Game New Super Luigi U
Time limit 100 seconds
Boss Magikoopa
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Stonecrush Tower, or Meringue Clouds-Tower, is the tower level in Meringue Clouds in New Super Luigi U. It is unlocked by completing Wiggler Rodeo or Rainbow Skywalk and its own completion unlocks Vanishing Ghost House.


The tower is named for numerous platforms consisting of several stone slabs held together by wooden planks, constantly-shifting sets of platforms that can help the player progress, but can also block and, in some cases, crush them if they are not careful. The level is also the one with the most Fire Bros in the game (with a total of six of them present). Much like Slide Lift Tower, the level's equivalent in New Super Mario Bros. U, Stonecrush Tower is mostly comprised of white, gray, green, and brown stone slabs and tiles, metal braces and girders, and orange bridges that not only serve as extra footholds, but also separate the tower's various floors. Bowser Jr.'s face is also emblazoned 33 times on the tower's floors, walls, and ceilings, though most of these are beyond the player's line of sight, and the ones that can somehow be seen are still barely visible.

The player begins the level on four rising stone platforms with a Fire Bro to their right, with the level's first Star Coin located in a small area far above it. On the next floor is a row of four Brick Blocks with a ? Block holding a Super Mushroom if the player is small. On top of the row of blocks is a Dry Bones, with another one to the right. Ahead of that is a hallway with five stone platforms that shift in and out of the floor, three that shift in and out of the ceiling, and another Fire Bro. On the way up is a hidden section on the left wall where the rightmost ceiling stone slab retreats into, containing 30 coins. The next floor has a Dry Bones walking just before five stone platforms that either shift up and down or left and right. A ? Block containing an Ice Flower is set above the fourth (which has a Dry Bones on it) and fifth platforms, the level's second Star Coin is occasionally revealed to be between the second and third platforms, and a Fire Bro stands atop the leftmost platform, which is positioned just under a Warp Pipe to the next section.

Soon after arriving to the next section, which has a ? Block with an Ice Flower just overhead, four stone platforms (with a pipe between the first and second, and another pipe between the third and fourth) rise from the ground to take the player up onto an orange bridge with a pair of Fire Bros, one on each end, the pipes set in the platforms spewing several coins as the player is continuously brought up past this point and closer to the ceiling, which only has a narrow path by the left wall, with several bridges leading upwards. The final floor has a Dry Bones wandering just before a set of stone platforms (six in the ceiling, seven in the floor) that fully close up the hallway ahead when fully extended, requiring the player to sprint down the corridor before they get crushed by the platforms. After this is a Fire Bro, and behind it, the boss door, as well as a narrow passage that takes the player to a hidden section under the boss door, the small chamber holding 21 coins as well as the level's third Star Coin. On the right wall next to the boss door is a hidden block containing a Fire Flower.

The boss door takes the player to a room with 30 blocks covered in geometric designs much like those seen in a Magikoopa's magic, providing a false floor over an abyss. Magikoopa, the boss of the tower, flies in, cackling and shaking his fist at the player (just as he did in New Super Mario Bros. Wii) before filling the room with large, magical glass blocks distributed randomly, with some of the blocks containing enemies such as Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Paratroopas, Mini Goombas, Monty Moles, and Bob-ombs. The boss fight is identical to the one in New Super Mario Bros. U; much like the battle against him in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Magikoopa would teleport around the room for a few times, then he would cast a spell that causes all of the floating glass blocks present to fall, releasing the enemies within them. He then fills the room with more glass blocks in a random configuration to repeat his attack cycle. When jumped on once, all the glass blocks still present would disappear, and Magikoopa, hovering on his broom, would teleport above the room three times, firing three magic fireballs (with each shot turning the solid blocks they hit into Donut Blocks) at the player after every teleport, before filling the room with glass blocks to resume his normal attacks. When jumped on for a second time, Magikoopa would hover over the room on his broom again, firing four magic fireballs at the player, followed by another five, before he fills the room with glass blocks once more. After getting jumped on for a third time, Magikoopa falls off the stage, defeated, with all the Donut Blocks in the room turning back to standard blocks.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1: At the start of the level, the player needs to stand next to the right wall where the first Fire Bro is and let the moving floor eventually reach the first Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 2: The second Star Coin is occassionally revealed to be between the second and third moving platforms positioned just before the third Fire Bro and the Warp Pipe to the second section of the level.
  • Star Coin 3: At the end, the third Star Coin is hidden in the wall, in a small chamber behind the sixth last Fire Bro and under the boss door.


Items and gimmicks[edit]

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きょだいな石がせまる とりで
Kyodai-na Seki ga Semaru Toride
The Fortress Where the Giant Stone Looms in

Chinese 巨大石块逼近的堡垒 (Simplified)
巨大石塊逼近的堡壘 (Traditional)
Jùdà Shíkuài Bījìn de Bǎolěi
The Fortress Where the Giant Stone Looms in

Dutch Schuifmuurtoren
Sliding-Wall Tower
Italian Torre dei pietroni
Tower of boulders
Korean 거대한 돌이 조여 오는 요새
Geodaehan Dori Joyeo Oneun Yosae
The Fortress Where the Giant Stone Closes in

Portuguese Torre Claustrofóbica
Claustrophobic Tower
Spanish (NOA) Torre Aplastadora
Crusher Tower
Spanish (NOE) Torre Apisonadora
Steamroller Tower

Level map[edit]

Level map