Sumo Bro's Spinning Tower

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This article is about Sumo Bros's Spinning Tower, a level in New Super Luigi U. For other uses, see Rock-Candy Mines-Tower 2.
Sumo Bro's Spinning Tower
Sumo Bro Spinning Tower.PNG
World-Level World 6-Fort Icon.png2
World Rock-Candy Mines
Game New Super Luigi U
Time limit 100 seconds
Boss Boss Sumo Bro
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Sumo Bro's Spinning Tower, or Rock-Candy Mines-Fort Icon.png2, is Rock-Candy Mines' second tower in New Super Luigi U.


This tower begins near a platform with a Sumo Bro on it. A ? Block is found above the Sumo Bro. A Fire Bar is found, along with a platform that the player must spin on the center cog to make it move. A ? Block is found, along with another moving platform with a Fire Bar at either end of the track. Another ? Block is found, along with a moving platform with a Dry Bones on it. Two Fire Bars are encountered as the platform moves up, where another platform with a Dry Bones is found. A Sumo Bro is found above the platform as it rises. A moving platform with three Sumo Bros. above it must then by used. This leads to the boss door, with a Sumo Bro found above. After entering the boss door, Boss Sumo Bro must be fought.

Star Coins[edit]

  • 1st Star Coin: In about midway, the player must jump when they are at the middle of the line holding the spinning platform. They must then jump, and wall-jump to get the first Star Coin.
  • 2nd Star Coin: In the place where three Sumo Bros try and electrocute the player, they must eliminate the last Sumo Bro, and jump to the platform to get the second Star Coin.
  • 3rd Star Coin: The third Star Coin is located at the very top of the tower. The player must reveal the three hidden blocks right near the boss door, one containing a power-up; then jump up the blocks, and jump again to reveal another set of blocks. They then must eliminate the Sumo Bro on top, then jump to get the final Star Coin.

Luigi Sightings[edit]

An 8-bit Luigi is seen right on top of the tower, when the player grabs the third Star Coin.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Torre Sumo Tornillo Sumo Screw Tower
Dutch Sumo Bro's draaitoren Sumo Bro's Turn Tower
Korean 돌리고 피하고 케이케이 요새
Dolligo Pihago Keikei Yosae
Spin and Avoid, Sumo Bro Fortress

Level map[edit]

NSLU lmap 6-6T.png