Slippery Rope Ladders

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Slippery Rope Ladders
World-Level World 2-NSLU-FirePiranhaIcon.png
World Layer-Cake Desert
Game New Super Luigi U
Time limit 100 seconds
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Slippery Rope Ladders, or Layer-Cake Desert-NSLU-FirePiranhaIcon.png, is the secret level in the second world of New Super Luigi U, Layer-Cake Desert. It can be accessed by completing The Walls Have Eyes using the Secret Exit. Clearing this level gives access to Giant Swing-Along.


Luigi starts the level in an icy area with two Piranha Plants and a Fire Piranha Plant under some ice blocks. A rope ladder is found next to a Big Piranha Plant on a moving Warp Pipe. Two Big Venus Fire Traps are found, one of which is below a ? Block. A Fire Piranha Plant is next to a rope ladder above a pit. A ? Block and two Koopa Troopas are found, followed by a rope ladder. A Red Ring is below the ladder, and moving green Warp Pipes on the wall contain Piranha Plants, while two moving red pipes contain Fire Piranha Plants. More ladders must be climbed, and two Fire Bros. are encountered at the top of the area. A Warp Pipe is found, and leads the player to an area with a starry sky and the Goal Pole.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1: The first Star Coin is under an icy ledge, and can be collected by sliding down to it and then wall jumping to the nearest platform.
  • Star Coin 2: The player must jump on the rope ladder with the Star Coin on it during the pipe section.
  • Star Coin 3: Under some ice blocks, the player must use a Fire Flower or fireballs from nearby Fire Bros. to collect the third Star Coin.


Luigi Sighting[edit]

  • Before the Warp Pipe, the player needs to let the Fire Bros. melt the ice blocks to reveal an 8-bit Luigi.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Escalada de hielo y fuego Ice and fire climb
Korean 위기일발! 얼음 계곡의 줄사다리
Wigiilbal! Eoreum Gyegogui Julsadari
Close Call! Rope Ladder of Ice Valley

Level map[edit]

NSLU lmap 2-I.png