Peek-a-Boo Ghost House

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This article is about Peek-a-Boo Ghost House, a level in New Super Luigi U. For other uses, see Frosted Glacier-Ghost House.
Peek-a-Boo Ghost House
NSLU Peek-a-boo Ghost House Screenshot.png
World-Level World 4-Ghost Icon.pngGhost House
World Frosted Glacier
Game New Super Luigi U
Time limit 100 seconds
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Peek-a-Boo Ghost House, or Frosted Glacier-Ghost Icon.pngGhost House, is the ghost house course of Frosted Glacier in New Super Luigi U. It is unlocked by completing Weighty Waddlewings or Ice-Slide Expressway, and its own completion unlocks Wendy's Thwomp Castle.


The level starts in a ghost house on a platform that turns into coins when stood upon for a few seconds. The player must then cross some moving platforms, where five ? Blocks are found. A wall that disappears and leaves coins behind is found, along with a group of Circling Boo Buddies. Another wall disappears, allowing the player to reach an area with a group of coins and a Big Boo. Two more disappearing walls are found, with a group of ? Blocks found in between. The middle ? Block contains either a Super Mushroom or a Super Acorn, depending on the player's form. More moving platforms are found, along with a Boo and a group of Circling Boo Buddies. Two groups of Circling Boo Buddies are found together, followed by a pathway with disappearing walls. A Warp Door is found at the end, leading the player outside where a group of dissapearing blocks and the Goal Pole are found.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1: The first Star Coin is found right before the secret Goal Pole.
  • Star Coin 2: The second Star Coin is located on a platform above the moving platforms and a group of Circling Boo Buddies, with a wall jump needed to collect it.
  • Star Coin 3: The last Star Coin is found in the middle of a group of Circling Boo Buddies, behind a disappearing platform.

Secret Exit[edit]

When the player collects the second Star Coin, they need to run to the left to reach a nearby secret door which leads to the Goal Pole. The secret exit opens up Fliprus Floes.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふわふわバコの テレサツアー
Fuwafuwa Bako no Teresa Tsuā
Boo Tour of the Floaty Boxes
Spanish Las paredes huyen... The walls run away
(This is also a pun on las paredes oyen, meaning "the walls listen")
Dutch Boo's bedrog Boo's Deception
Italian Confronto con i Boo Confrontation with the Boo
Korean 둥실둥실 상자의 부끄부끄 투어
Dungsil-Dungsil Sanjaui Bukkeu-Bukkeu Tueo
Boo Tour of Floating Box
Chinese 飘浮箱子及害羞幽灵团 (Simplified)
飄浮箱子及害羞幽靈團 (Traditional)
Piāofú Xiāngzi jí Hàixiū Yōulíng Tuán
Floating Boxes and the Boo Squad

Level map[edit]

NSLU Peek-a-Boo Ghost House Map.png