Cheep Chomp Chase

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Not to be confused with Cheep Cheep Chase.
Cheep Chomp Chase
Luigi sighting in Cheep Chomp Chase from New Super Luigi U
Level code World 1-Cheep Chomp Chase icon from New Super Luigi U
World Acorn Plains
Game New Super Luigi U
Time limit 100 seconds
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Cheep Chomp Chase or Acorn Plains-Cheep Chomp Chase icon from New Super Luigi U is the secret level of Acorn Plains in New Super Luigi U. It can be accessed after reaching the secret exit of Crooked Cavern. The completion of this level unlocks Giant Swing-Along.


The level begins above a body of water with Cheep Cheeps, many yellow Warp Pipes, and one red Warp Pipe that leads to the underwater area. Above it are two Hidden Blocks, with one containing a coin and the other containing a Super Star. A Cheep Chomp attacks from the left side of area. A Mega ? Block containing a Super Star is found in a section to the left. After this, schools of Eep Cheeps and Cheep Cheeps are found. Some L-shaped Warp Pipes that create currents are found, along with some schools of Deep Cheeps. Some moving current-producing Warp Pipes are then found, along with a Red Ring. A section with Warp Pipes rotating in a circle are found, along with Big Cheep Cheeps, Big Eep Cheeps, and Big Deep Cheeps. At the end of the area, a Warp Pipe is found. The Warp Pipe leads to an area that contains two groups of spinning pipes, more Cheep Cheeps, and the Goal Pole.

The player can skip the underwater sections by using the P-Acorn to fly over the wall at the beginning of the level.

Star Coins[edit]

Image Location
Image Of First Star Coin for Cheep Chomp Chase To the left of the underwater area, above a Mega ? Block.
Image of Second Star Coin for Cheep Chomp Chase Appears from a hole between two yellow pipes near the middle of the level.
Image of final Star Coin for Cheep Chomp Chase Going through the hole where the second Star Coin appears, the third Star Coin is floating among several coins.

Luigi sighting[edit]

Near a yellow pipe above the Red Ring, there is a swimming 8-bit Luigi.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バクバクから逃げまくれ!
Bakubaku kara Nige magure!
Keep Escaping from Cheep Chomp!
Chinese 逃离大嘴鱼! (Simplified)
逃離大嘴魚! (Traditional)
Táolí Dàzuǐ Yú!
Escape From Cheep Chomp!
Italian Fuga dal Pesce Gnam Escape from the Cheep Chomp
Korean 우걱우걱으로부터 도망쳐라!
Ugeok-ugeok-eurobuteo Domangchyeora!
Escape From Cheep Chomp!
Portuguese Come Cheep Voraz Voracious Cheep Chomp
Spanish (NOA) ¡Que te come Cheep glotón! Beware! Cheep Chomp is going to eat you!
Spanish (NOE) ¡Que te come Cheep Chomp! Beware! Cheep Chomp is going to eat you!

Level map[edit]

Level map