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VendingM MPA.png
The place, Vending Machines from the game; Mario Party Advance.

The Vending Machines is a place that is found during the events of the game Mario Party Advance. It is located in the Town Area section in Shroom City.

At first, the Vending Machines only sells Coal as visiting the place is useless before doing Locomotionless.

When the player goes to the Train Station and takes the Quest, the Vending Machines come in handy. The Shy Guy that works on the Train Station mentions that he needs Coal to run the Train. When the player buys Coal from the Vending Machines, he or she must give the item to the Shy Guy, which will result in getting a Gaddget, the Cake Maker.

Mrs. Shroomlock mentions that the Vending Machines actually sell the item, coal, when the player takes the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Distributeurs Vending Machines
Italian Distributori Vending machines