Ladida Plains 1-5

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Ladida Plains 1-5
Ladida Plains 1-5
Level code Ladida Plains 1-5
World Ladida Plains
Game Super Princess Peach
Music track Ladida Plains 1
Music sample
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Ladida Plains 1-5 is the fifth level of Ladida Plains in Super Princess Peach.


The player starts the level on a hill with a Glad Red Koopa and a line of Goombas. After this is another hill section with Parabombs dropping down, at the end of the hill section is a large arrow, made of coins pointing up, if the player uses the Joy vibe they can find a box that contains a Toad (in post-game, Puzzle G Piece 1 is found). At the end of this area is a section with platforms that lead to a Warp Pipe.

In the next area is a Glad Red Koopa, as well as some blocks that need to be ran over. If the player falls in between the blocks they can find the puzzle piece and soon after if they use the Rage vibe on the wooden blocks they can find another Toad (in post-game, Puzzle H Piece 1 is found). After the platform is the Warp Pipe to the next area of the level. The next area contains some flying Mushrooms that float up in a certain order, which shows the order that the flowers in the next area need to be destroyed in order for the player to progress. After three sets of the flowers is a Piranha Plant before a small water section with Cheep Cheeps.

The next area has a Sad Goomba and a plant. If the player uses the Gloom vibe on the plant they can reach a lumpy yellow creature that is blocking the final Toad; using the Joy vibe will remove the obstacle. After this is the end of the level.