Bowser's Villa 8-2

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Bowser's Villa 8-2
Bowser's Villa 8-2
Level code Bowser's Villa 8-2
World Bowser's Villa
Game Super Princess Peach
Music track Bowser's Villa 2
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Bowser's Villa 8-2 is the second level of Bowser's Villa in Super Princess Peach.


This level starts off in an autoscrolling section, and the player needs to jump up several platforms, and moving stone platforms. After this is a ladder climbing section, before another section with platforms and moving stone platforms. After this are some Brick Blocks and the door. In the next room is a C. Chain Chomp, and soon afterwards an ! Switch which causes some stone platforms to start moving. To the left of this room is the first Toad (in post-game, Puzzle G Piece 13 is found). At the top of the room, the player needs to hit an ! Switch, and then quickly get to the bottom of the room, so they can get to the door.

The next room has some Thwomps that need to be passed, before getting to the door. The next area has a Calm Cannon, and some moving stone platforms. At the top of the room, to the left, is another Toad (in post-game, Puzzle H Piece 13 is found). Going right will lead past some Fire Bars if the player goes up they will go to a room, where they will need to hit an ! Switch to make a stone platform move. At the top of the room to the left is the final Toad (in post-game, Bowser 1 is found), and to the right is a Puzzle D Piece 9. If the player goes down they will go to a room filled with Spinies and Paratroopas. After this, the player will need to use the Gloom vibe, to knock a ball into a wall that can be destroyed, past this is the door.

The next room has some Cannons and moving stone platforms. The player needs to climb up the room, before dropping down by using some Donut Blocks, and going across some more to the next door. In the next room are some blue Podoboos, and they need to be used to light two torches. Once the torches are lit, the next door will open. The next area has some platforms above some spikes, before the goal gate.