Wavy Beach 5-1

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Wavy Beach 5-1
Wavy Beach 5-1
Level code Wavy Beach 5-1
World Wavy Beach
Game Super Princess Peach
Music track Wavy Beach 1
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Wavy Beach 5-1 is the first level of Wavy Beach in Super Princess Peach.


The player starts out in an area with several platforms floating above water and waves that push them back, but can also be used as platforms. Midway through this section is a platform with a springboard on it that can bounce the player onto some Donut Blocks. The Donut Blocks lead to a Warp Pipe which in turn leads to an area with Bullet Bills, moving platforms and lots of coins. At the end of the room is a Warp Pipe that leads back to the first room. At the end of the first room is a Warp Pipe that leads to the next area.

The next area has a pipe that endlessly spawns Goombas, and a bridge over a water section with a Cheep Cheep in it. Above the bridge is a sand creature that can only be defeated by using Gloom on it, after going up some platforms the player can find the first Toad. After the bridges is a waterfall that can't be passed, unless a switch is pressed. Following this is a platforming segment with Cheep Cheeps and Sad Cheep Cheeps, before the Warp Pipe that leads to the next area.

The next area has a Lakitu as well as another bridge, before leading to a small platforming segment that leads to an area where spears are fired out of the walls. The player needs to jump on the spears, and if they stay to the left they can climb up some platforms and get to another Toad. If they stick to the right then they will continue on with the level.

In this area are some platforms that lead to several grassy platforms. If the player falls in-between the platforms they will land in an area with several a springboard that can be used to get back to the top of the area, rolling log platforms and a pipe that spawns Goombas. Midway through this area is a wooden bridge that the player needs to use Rage on to get the final Toad. After this is a Warp Pipe that leads to the next area.

The next area is an autoscrolling section that has more platforms above water, with some of them having Mecha-Spike Tops and M. M-Spike Tops on them. At the end of this section is a Warp Pipe that leads to the final area. The final area has some platforms with Red Koopas and Sad Ravens on them that lead to a giant springboard, if the player goes in the lower path they will unlock some music, and the upper path will lead to the goal gate. If the player goes to the left after exiting the Warp Pipe at the start of the area they can go back to the area where they found the final Toad.