Shriek Mansion 3-5

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Shriek Mansion 3-5
Shriek Mansion 3-5
Level code Shriek Mansion 3-5
World Shriek Mansion
Game Super Princess Peach
Music track Shriek Mansion 1
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Shriek Mansion 3-5 is the fifth level of Shriek Mansion in Super Princess Peach.


The level starts out with some water and Cheep Cheeps, and the player needs to use some giant springboards to progress up the level to a Warp Pipe. Next to the Warp Pipe is an arrow of coins, and if it is followed, the player can find a Toad. In the next room are some Bob-ombs and some Mad Boos, after a platforming section the player will reach the top of the room and the next Warp Pipe. In this room, if the player goes up the Warp Pipe found just after encountering the first Mad Boo they will go to a room where they must use the Rage vibe to light all the lamps, which will open two doors and allow them to get another Toad.

In the next room the player is chased by several Blindfold Boos until they reach a door, that takes them to the next area, which contains several Donut Blocks that lead to the next door. If the player falls down they can find some Mad Big Boos and the Puzzle Piece of the level, as well as several doors that lead back to the start of the room, although the third from the right will lead to a Toad. In the next room is a downhill section that ends with the Warp Pipe. The next area has a block that when hit rotates the entire room 90 degrees to the left and the player must progress through this room by hitting the blocks scattered around it. The final area has a C. Fishing Boo before the end of the level.