Wavy Beach 5-8

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Wavy Beach 5-8
Wavy Beach 5-8
Level code Wavy Beach 5-8
World Wavy Beach
Game Super Princess Peach
Music track Wavy Beach 2
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Wavy Beach 5-8 is the eighth level of Wavy Beach in Super Princess Peach.


In the first area, the player must climb down a mountain, while avoiding several enemies. The next area has some Sad Paragoombas that need to be jumped on to cross over the pit. Partway through this section is some quicksand, that will lead to some coins. At the end of this area is a Warp Pipe. The next area is a platforming section, and midway through this section is an arrow made of coins. If the player uses the Joy vibe, they will find three ! Blocks that need to be hit, doing so will turn off some water pipes, and allow access to the Puzzle Piece, and the goal gate.