Shriek Mansion 3-3

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Shriek Mansion 3-3
Shriek Mansion 3-3.png
Level code Shriek Mansion 3-3
World Shriek Mansion
Game Super Princess Peach
Music track Shriek Mansion 1
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Shriek Mansion 3-3 is the third level of Shriek Mansion in Super Princess Peach.


At the start of the level are some Goombas, that are spawning from the nearby Warp Pipe. The player needs to use the Joy vibe to float up to some platforms so they can continue the level. If the player goes through a gap, where the second Goomba spawning pipe is they can find a Puzzle Piece. At the top of the room is a door, which leads to the next part.

In the next room, if the player slides under some walls and goes over the platforms, they will will find a switch, which will remove some platforms, allowing them to use the Joy vibe and get a Toad. A Warp Pipe will take them to an outside area with a Fishing Boo and a door, which leads back inside the mansion, with several lamps, the player needs to light all three lamps to get a door to open, which allows them to get another Toad. At the end of the outside section is another door, which leads the player to a room with a Big Boo trapped in a cage, if the player hits the switch then they will release it and it will follow them throughout the area until it hits the light and becomes weak, after this the player can use it as a platform and get to a Warp Pipe.

The next area is outside and has several platforms with Lil' Sparkies and Hotheads going around them. If the player goes through the door in the middle of this section they will go to a room, where they are pursued by a horde of Blindfold Boos that will instantly send the player to the beginning of the room if they touch them. At the end of this section is another Toad and a door, which will take them back to the previous room. At the end of this section is the end of the level.