Giddy Sky 7-1

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Giddy Sky 7-1
Giddy Sky 7-1
Level code Giddy Sky 7-1
World Giddy Sky
Game Super Princess Peach
Music track Giddy Sky 1
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Giddy Sky 7-1 is the first level of Giddy Sky in Super Princess Peach.


The level starts off by some cloud platforms that lead to a vine that needs to be used to get to some more cloud platforms, before the Warp Pipe. In the next room, the player needs to climb upwards to get to the next Warp Pipe, whilst avoiding Mad G. P-Troopas and Red Paratroopas. There are two Warp Pipes in this area, with the first leading to an area with Paragoombas before some balloon platforms that lead to a C. A. F. H. Bro, and the second leading to a blue Donut Block bridge that leads to a Toad. Both paths will lead to a dark cloudy area with platforms that will appear upon hitting a switch. To the left of this area is a windmill that will open up an area with a Toad when spun. The Warp Pipe to the right, accessible by using a vine, leads to an area with sliding vines and M. M-Spike Tops. The pipe in the center of the area leads to an autoscrolling area with Sad Paragoombas and an A. F. H. Bro, then leads back to the previous area. Before the Warp Pipe at the end of the area is a Toad, with the Warp Pipe at the end of this area leading to a vertically scrolling area with vines, Bullet Bills, and disappearing clouds. At the end of this area is a pipe leading to a musical score and the goal gate.