Giddy Sky 7-6

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Giddy Sky 7-6
Giddy Sky 7-6
Level code Giddy Sky 7-6
World Giddy Sky
Game Super Princess Peach
Boss Giant Kamek
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Giddy Sky 7-6 is the sixth level of Giddy Sky in Super Princess Peach.


At the start of the level, the player needs to use the Stylus to pull platforms back, that will propel themselves upwards. The next room will have a Message Block, that will give hints on how to beat Giant Kamek. There is also a Warp Pipe that will lead to the boss fight. In the boss fight, Giant Kamek will teleport around the arena, and send magic blasts at the player. Giant Kamek will also summon Kameks that are carrying crystals to come in, and fly at the player. To defeat Giant Kamek, the player needs to use the Joy vibe and fly into his head. After the third hit, Giant Kamek will use the Gloom vibe, and sent out three to five magic blasts instead of one. After the fifth hit, Giant Kamek is defeated, and Luigi is rescued.