Giddy Sky 7-5

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Giddy Sky 7-5
Giddy Sky 7-5
World-Level Giddy Sky 7-5
World Giddy Sky
Game Super Princess Peach
Music Giddy Sky 1
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Giddy Sky 7-5 is the fifth level of Giddy Sky in Super Princess Peach.


At the start of the level, there is a Lakitu attacking the player, and after a small amount of platforms is the Warp Pipe. In the next area, Glad Parabombs are falling down, and just above them is a Yellow Cloud, that has a Toad behind it. To the right of this area is an Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother and some Goombas. The third Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother has to be defeated, so the player can use its blocks to get to the Warp Pipe.

The next area starts off with a slope, and several Goombas. After this section is a platforming section, if the player rides the green platforms up they can get to another Yellow Cloud, and the Toad behind it; going right leads to the Warp Pipe. In the next area, wind will be blowing the player right, although the player can change the direction by hitting a switch. At the bottom of the room is an ! Switch, that can only be triggered if a Goomba is thrown at it. The switch will create some platforms that lead to a Warp Pipe, if the player goes to the top of room above the Warp Pipe, they can get the final Toad. The next section is an autoscrolling Subrella section. The next area has some Donut Blocks, that can only be crossed by using the Gloom vibe, they will need to avoid Glad Red Paratroopas to get to the other side, and to the goal gate.