Shriek Mansion 3-9

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Shriek Mansion 3-9
Shriek Mansion 3-9
Level code Shriek Mansion 3-9
World Shriek Mansion
Game Super Princess Peach
Music track Shriek Mansion 1
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Shriek Mansion 3-9 is the ninth and final level of Shriek Mansion in Super Princess Peach.


The level starts off next to a Mad Boo and a giant Springboard, which must be used to progress up the room, at the top of the room is a Warp Pipe. The next section is one where Perry is used as a zip-line. In the next area, Princess Peach is being chased by speedy Blindfold Boos, and she must use the Gloom vibe to outrun them. During this segment, the Puzzle Piece is seen in plain view right before the jump to the goal gate.