Fury Volcano 4-5

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Fury Volcano 4-5
Fury Volcano 4-5
Level code Fury Volcano 4-5
World Fury Volcano
Game Super Princess Peach
Music track Fury Volcano 1
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Fury Volcano 4-5 is the fifth level of Fury Volcano in Super Princess Peach.


The player starts in an area containing platforms and many flamethrowers. Receding platforms are next, followed by a hill with a row of Rexes on it. After the hill are platforms that fall apart when the player runs on them and Mad G. P-Troopas hovering over them. The door at the end will take the player to the next area.

The next area has Bullet Bills constantly being propelled from off-screen. This area has large platforms that the player has to jump between in order to avoid falling into the lava, followed by a stone bridge where Podoboos jump out from underneath to attack. There is a wooden bridge afterward that can be burnt with the Rage vibe in order to save a Toad. The door above the stone bridge leads to a boat that takes the player across the large pool of lava, the player will need to avoid several Glad Fangs during this portion. Part way through the boat ride is a platform containing three bags of goodies, and the player must choose one of them; the other two will disappear upon choosing. The door at the end will lead the player back to the area they were just in and the door at the end of the main area will take the player to the next.

The third area is filled with a lot of smoke, which the player must spin using the Joy vibe in order to dissipate it and avoid taking constant damage. Below the entrance to the area is a Toad, which the player can reach by melting the burning head creature blocking it with the Gloom vibe. This area contains a number of platforms, Red Koopas, and Mad Green Koopas. There are two paths to take, both containing flamethrowers, and both will lead the player to the next area. If the player takes the top path they will find the Puzzle Piece of the level.

The fourth area contains spinning stone head creatures surrounded by flames, Warp Pipes that dispense Goombas, and a ! Switch that will allow the player to rescue a Toad. At the end of the room is a Warp Pipe leading to an area with platforms and Ravens, followed by a door to another area containing the goal gate. Above the first room is a trail of coins the player can collect by flying with the Joy vibe, and at the end of the coin trail is a pipe leading to an auto-scrolling bonus level containing more coins, Mad Goombas, and Mad G. P-Troopas. The pipe at the end will lead the player to the area before the goal gate.