Ladida Plains 1-8

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Ladida Plains 1-8
Ladida Plains 1-8
World-Level Ladida Plains 1-8
World Ladida Plains
Game Super Princess Peach
Music Ladida Plains 2
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Ladida Plains 1-8 is the eighth level of Ladida Plains in Super Princess Peach.


The level starts off in a field near several Beanstalks, that the player will need to use the Gloom vibe on to make them grow, but only the middle one will grow high enough to get to the Warp Pipe. The next area has several blocks that only be destroyed by the Poundbrella, and the player will need to hit three ! Blocks to get the platform on the far left to disappear so they can progress. In the next room, the player will have to jump up several spears to get to the top of a mountain to get to a Puzzle Piece, before getting to the goal gate.