Wavy Beach 5-6

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Wavy Beach 5-6
Princess Peach using Gloom Vibe while battling Gooper Blooper in Wavy Beach 5-6.
Level code Wavy Beach 5-6
World Wavy Beach
Game Super Princess Peach
Boss Gooper Blooper
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Wavy Beach 5-6 is the sixth level of Wavy Beach in Super Princess Peach.


The level starts out with the player needing to use the Stylus to spin a rolling log up a passage, whilst avoiding spears that are fired out of the wall.

In the battle, the player needs to avoid Gooper Blooper's tentacles and ink shots. To defeat Gooper Blooper, the player needs to hit its tentacles, when it slams them down on the battle arena; after defeating all of the tentacles, they then need to hit its mouth to deal damage to it. After the fourth hit, Gooper Blooper will use the Calm vibe to fall asleep and create a giant bubble, healing itself. The player needs to pop the bubble by using the Joy or Rage vibe, and then hit its mouth again. After the fifth hit, Gooper Blooper is defeated.