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A Cragvision in the Gap of Crag

Cragvision is a television found in The Land of the Cragnons. Its name itself is a portmanteau between "Cragnons" and "Television". It was invented by the Cragnons and Cragnons watch many shows here. The Cragvision itself is made of stone that is somewhat shaped like a television set, outputting what resembles crudely-animated chalk drawings.

Cragvisions give out clues to Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser and the Pixls telling them what to do. For example, the first Cragvision seen in the game has a man running around a Yoshi shaped statue. This was a clue telling the heroes to run around the statue. Other "shows" that may be found on Cragvision is a flame, giving the player a hint that the characters must be used to burn something. The last of the three cragvision pictures is a visual of a person swimming in water, giving the player a hint that the character must swim underneath water.

There is another show that Flint Cragley stars on, called Flint Cragley, Cragtrotter, but it is not seen in-game.

The Cragvision is similar in concept to the Koopasonic Rock TV from the Super Mario World cartoon.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テレビ石
Terebi Ishi
TV Stone

French Cragovision