Chase the Snaking Coins

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Chase the Snaking Coins
ChasetheSnakingCoins SMR.png
Game Super Mario Run
Time limit 99 seconds
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Chase the Snaking Coins (or Special Course 1) is the first special course in Super Mario Run. It can only be played after all of the Pink Coins in all compulsory levels are collected, and a Pink Coin Pipe is placed in Kingdom Builder.


The level begins with a ? Block containing a Super Mushroom. Some snaking coins appear, and the player must jump from warp pipe to warp pipe, and collect the first Pink Coin on a Hard Block structure. A warp pipe is entered shortly afterward, followed by another chasm of warp pipes, some with Piranha Plants inside of them. After one last warp pipe, the player can jump onto a Hard Block to reach the second Pink Coin. After entering another warp pipe, the player must bounce on a trampoline, then kick a Buzzy Beetle into the third Pink Coin. After entering yet another warp pipe, the player will approach a Red Ring, and can collect the Red Coins to get a Super Star. Immediately afterwards, the player must kick another Buzzy Beetle to get the fourth Pink Coin. Another warp pipe is entered, and Hard Block platforms appear as well as warp pipes to wall jump off of. Just after the last Hard Block platform, the player must jump to collect the fifth and final Pink Coin. Upon entering one final warp pipe, the player will cross a warp pipe structure to the Goal Pole.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くねくねコインを追いかけろ
Kunekune Koin o Oikakero
Chase the Winding Coins
Chinese 追逐彎曲前進的金幣
Zhuīzhú wānqū qiánjìn de jīnbì
Chase the Coins Winding Forward
Dutch Muntenslalom Coin slalom
French La poursuite du serpent à pièces The pursuit of the Coin Snake
German Mega-Münzenslalom Mega coin slalom
Italian Serpente a monete Snake of Coins
Portuguese Na trilha das moedas On the trail of the coins
Russian Путеводные монетки
Putevodnyye monetki
Guiding coins
Spanish Monedas serpenteantes Snaking coins