Secret Course 22

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Secret Course 22
Secret Course 22 from Super Mario Run
Level code Secret Course
World Remix 10
Game Super Mario Run
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Secret Course 22 is the twenty-second secret course that appears in the Remix 10 mode of Super Mario Run. This secret course takes place in the sky.


The course starts off with a single ? Block containing a Super Mushroom and three Goombas walking across a small bridge platform. The first Bonus Medal can be found underneath the bridge. The player must then run across a few slopes to find the second Bonus Medal in the middle of an arch of coins above a small alcove with a single Goomba and two more Goombas right after it. After this, the player will run up some high steps with the third Bonus Medal being on the second step. The player must then avoid one more Goomba and launch themselves on a Springboard. The fourth Bonus Medal is found at the highest point after launching from the Springboard, which leads into a long fall and the fifth and final Bonus Medal being found right before the Goal Pole.