Make the Cut!

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Make the Cut!
MaketheCut SMR.png
Game Super Mario Run
Time limit 90 seconds
Boss Bowser
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Make the Cut! (or Special Course 3) is the third special course in Super Mario Run. It can only be played after all of the Black Coins in all compulsory levels are collected, and a Black Coin Pipe is placed in Kingdom Builder. Its name is a play on the phrase "make the cut," which refers to particular success at something.


The level begins with a few Grinders to wall jump between, along with a Super Mushroom. The first Black Coin can be found on the edge of a Grinder during a jump across, and can be collected by carefully spinning in midair above said Grinder. The player will then jump from platform to platform while avoiding Grinders on tracks. The second Black Coin is immediately after this segment, against a ledge just over the lava, and can be obtained via wall jumping. The player must then immediately wall jump up the next shaft and land behind the top right Grinder to get the third Black Coin. Upon reaching the next segment, the player must make careful jumps across Grinders until they reach a segment to wall jump off of, where they can reach the top of the left wall to get the fourth Black Coin. After a few more tight jumps between Grinders, the player will reach a track full of Grinders, with the fifth and final Black Coin near the beginning of the track. The player must then follow the tracks to more Grinders, along with Bowser. The player must simply move past him and hit the axe to clear the level.

The maximum number of coins that one can collect in this level is 64.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese せまるガリガリ
Semaru Garigari
Incoming Grinders
Chinese 逼近的圓鋸
Bījìn de yuánjù
Incoming Grinders
Dutch Zigzag-zagen Zigzag-saws
French Et les scies circulèrent... And the saws circulated...; pun on "scies circulaires" (circular saws/Grinders)
German Kreissägen-Koller Buzzsaw tantrum
Italian L'assedio delle seghe circolari The siege of the circular saws
Portuguese Só uma aparadinha Just a little trim
Russian Наступление пил
Nastupleniye pil
Coming of the saws
Spanish (NOA) ¡Cuidado te cortas! Watch how you cut!
Spanish (NOE) ¡No te cortes! Don't cut yourself!