Red Block Run

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Red Block Run
Game Super Mario Run
Time limit 90 seconds
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Red Block Run (or Special Course ★) is the fourth and final special course in Super Mario Run. It can only be played after all of the color coins in all World Star levels are collected, and a Gold Star Pipe is placed in Kingdom Builder. The level contains more than 300 coins.


The level starts with many Red Blocks to jump on, as well as the first Black Coin just after the first ! Switch. Afterwards, the player must kick a red Koopa Troopa, then use some Long Jump Blocks afterwards to obtain the second Black Coin. The player must then hit the next ! Switch and allow the Koopa shell to sail into the third Black Coin. Next, the player must evade a Big Spiny and hit an ! Switch to slide down a slope, then hit another ! Switch to hit a ? Block above and collect the fourth Black Coin. The player must then hit two more ! Switches and be led to two ? Blocks with Super Stars, as well as a message that reads "THANK YOU". At the end of the message, the player must grab onto the higher ledge to obtain the fifth and final Black Coin. The Goal Pole is immediately afterwards.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ギリギリ赤ブロック
Girigiri Aka Burokku
Last-Second Red Blocks

Dutch Rodeblokkenrun
Red blocks run
French Course aux blocs rouges
Race of the red blocks
German Roter-Block-Parade
Red Block Parade
Italian Corsa ai blocchi rossi
Race of the red blocks
Portuguese Benditos blocos vermelhos
Blessed red blocks
Russian Бег с красными блоками
Beg s krasnymi blokami
Run with red blocks

Spanish (NOA) Bloques rojos de supervivencia
Red survival blocks
Spanish (NOE) ¡Activa los bloques rojos!
Activate the red blocks!