Secret Course 13

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Secret Course 13
Secret Course 13 from Super Mario Run
World-Level Secret Course
World Remix 10
Game Super Mario Run
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Secret Course 13 is the thirteenth secret course in the Remix 10 mode of Super Mario Run. This secret course takes place in the outside of a Ghost House.


The course starts off with the first Bonus Medal immediately in the air. A Spiked Ball is below the Bonus Medal. The second Bonus Medal is in the air above another Spiked Ball and the third Bonus Medal is immediately after this below a Spike on a soft platform. The player can grab the fourth Bonus Medal by jumping in the air from the soft platform with the first Spike. There are then two more soft platforms, a second Spike, and the fifth and final Bonus Medal right before the Goal Pole, which can be obtained by jumping off the Spike.