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A Board in the Rolling Gizmo Galaxy
Bill Board in the Rolling Gizmo Galaxy
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
“Your world is such a cool place! If only I weren't a...sign.”
Bill Board, Super Mario Galaxy

The Boards in the Super Mario Galaxy games are four talking signposts. In Super Mario Galaxy, they exclaim, "Hey!" at Mario before telling him how to perform a particular move each time he meets them. Some Boards appear in multiple locations, but their ability to transport themselves is not explored. The names of all four are puns on "billboard." One of the Boards also appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2 with the same role as in the first game.

Similar-looking signposts also appear in both games, though they are not sentient and simply provide information about the section they are in. In the Supermassive Galaxy, rather large Boards appear on the first planet.


Gil Board[edit]

Gil Board

Gil Board is the first of the Boards to be encountered. He is a signpost that tells Mario how to wall-jump. He claims to be the "famous Gil Board" and claims Mario knows him, although Super Mario Galaxy is the first appearance in which he has been specifically named. His only appearance is in the Honeyhive Galaxy.

Bill Board[edit]

A Bill Board from Super Mario Galaxy

Bill Board is the second Board encountered and the Board with the most appearances. He teaches Mario how to roll on the Star Ball in the Rolling Green Galaxy, Melty Molten Galaxy, and Rolling Gizmo Galaxy. He also makes an appearance at the celebration in the Grand Finale Galaxy. Here, he tells Mario that he lives in a nice world, and that he would be able to enjoy it more if he were not a sign.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Bill Board appears in the Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy, once again teaching Mario how to roll on the Star Ball. He is the only one of the four Boards to reappear.

Phil Board[edit]

Phil Board

Phil Board is the third Board encountered. He teaches Mario how to move when he is in a bubble. He appears in the Bubble Breeze Galaxy and Bubble Blast Galaxy.

Jill Board[edit]

Jill Board

Jill Board is the fourth and final Board to be encountered. Her only appearance is in Boo's Boneyard Galaxy, in which she reminds the player of the Boo Mario controls. If Mario speaks to Jill Board while he is in his normal form, Jill Board states she talks only to Boos, and tells Mario to go away.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ケイジ・バーン
Keiji Bān
Kan Bān
Dengon Bān
Kawara Bān

Elongation of「掲示板」(keijiban, bulletin board)

Elongation of「看板」(kanban, billboard)

Elongation of「伝言板」(dengonban, message board)

Elongation of「瓦版」(kawaraban, newspaper)

Chinese (simplified) 板布告
Bǎn Bùgào
Bǎn Gàoshì
Bǎn Liúyán
Bǎn Xuānchuán

Anagram of「布告板」(bùgào bǎn, bulletin board)

Anagram of「告示板」(gàoshì bǎn, billboard)

Anagram of「留言板」(liúyán bǎn, message board)

Anagram of「宣传板」(xuānchuán bǎn, publicity board)

Chinese (traditional) 互動告示板大哥 (Bill Board)
Hùdòng Gàoshì Bǎn Dàgē
Interactive Billboard Brother

French (NOE) Panoda Fichage
Modified orthograph of "panneau d'affichage" (billboard)
Italian Informello
Diminutive of "informare" (to inform)
Diminutive of "notizia" (news)
Diminutive of "avviso" (warning)
Diminutive of "messaggio" (message)
Korean 게시・판
Gesi Pan
Gan Pan
Allim Pan
Dong Pan

From "게시판" (gesipan, bulletin board)

From "간판" (ganpan, signboard)

From "알림판" (allimpan, notification board)

From "동판" (dongpan, copper plate)

Spanish Let Trero
Panc Arta
Rot Tulo
Kart Elón
Pun on "letrero" (signboard)
Pun on "pancarta" (banner)
Pun on "rótulo" (label)
Pun on "cartelón" (billboard)