Dragon (Yoshi's Story)

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This article is about the Dragons from Yoshi's Story. For Dragons in general, see Dragon.
A green Dragon in Yoshi's Story.
A red Dragon in Yoshi's Story.

Dragons are friendly characters that appeared only in Yoshi's Story. They serve as platforms which a Yoshi must ride in order to traverse certain levels. They are present only in two stages. The first, a green Dragon, is seen during the third part of Stage 3-1: Cloud Cruising. When jumped on, the creature will start flying across the air. It acts merely as a moving platform. The second, a red Dragon, is later seen in Stage 6-4: Magma Castle. This dragon acts similar to its green equivalent, but swims in lava rather than flying in air.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドラゴン
German Grübatz (Green Dragon)
Lawawa (Red Dragon)
Pun on "grün" (green)
Pun on "lava"