Star Gate

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The Star Gate

The Star Gate[citation needed] is a character in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, being the gateway to the Star Shrine. The Mario Brothers (both younger and older counterparts) go to the Star Shrine to search for one of the Cobalt Star Shards. However, the path is blocked by the Star Gate, which tells them that they must be worthy enough to pass through. Mario's heart is read and classified pure. The Star Gate did not have to read the Babies' hearts, as it knows that they are already pure. However, the Star Gate claims Luigi is not pure enough and therefore denies the group entry. Nevertheless, the gate tells them to find the Aurora Block, which can tell how pure one's heart is by hitting it. After they find the block, Luigi is told to hit it, but it keeps moving away when he tries. After this, the Star Gate asks who is responsible, the three options being:

  • "(1) Mario"
  • "(2) The Babies"
  • "(3) Me, me, ME!"

After choosing all three of them in any order, but to no avail, the Star Gate angrily roars out that it was "(4) Everyone", and does the same to Luigi after he claims that there were only three answers. The door continues to insult Luigi until he breaks into tears, at which point Mario objects and Baby Mario hammers the gate. After this, the Star Gate dubs them "the best siblings ever" and confesses that he was actually testing them to see how strong their brotherly bond is. He also deems all four brothers worthy to enter the Star Shrine, including Luigi.