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But to answer that, we need to talk about parallel universes.

Hey, this is my page. You probably know me from other websites, but that's not exactly the most important thing in the world. Yeah, I'll be updating this sooner or later.

Oh hey I guess I've shown up again now? Anyways I'll probably need to update this. Until then, hang out I guess.


This is a heavy WIP so bear with me.

  • Name: You can just call me Cam, though it's Cameron.
  • Age: I was born on April 7th. The year's disclosed, but you can probably find it somewhere.
  • What I do: I just like having a good time with friends. I write in my spare time, and occasionally draw (no you can't see them). I also like to edit wikis. As for the wiki... I'll figure out a section for that later.
  • Likes: In subsections.
    • Mario, duh.
    • Video games as a whole, in fact.
    • The obscure works of Osamu Sato, he made LSD: Dream Emulator.
    • I'm a huge history nut. I look way too deep into the past to see if it can be used to learn things for the present and future.
    • the JoJ
  • Dislikes: Also in subsections.
    • Toxic/"edgy" people. You're not cool, or being ironically a bad person. You're just being a bad person.
    • Sticker Star. Then again, nobody likes Sticker Star.
    • Being alone. I'm severely afraid of the idea of being alone, especially in terms of being "socially" alone where I'm technically with people, but all of them hate me.

I'll probably beef this up later. But, uh, this is what you're stuck with for until I can bring myself to bring out a full-on revamp of this page.


Things I've done

These are all pretty minor so far so bear with me.

The 'Shroom

  • Article 126: Nominated Skillit for Shroom Spotlight. It actually succeeded, and even saw some improvements! #KillIt4Skillit
  • Articles 127-: Picross puzzle creator for Fun Stuff!

Misc. Shroom Stuff

  • Participated in the First 'Shroom KG!

...and, uh, until there's enough vertical room for this little guy, he goes underneath the fancy stuff

(i'd frankly be surprised if you've bothered even reading this page at all)