List of records in WarioWare: D.I.Y.

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This is a list of all the Diamond Studios records that appear in WarioWare: D.I.Y., created by its employees. The five characters produce different genres of music. There are a total of 90 pre-made records in the entire game.

Mona (classical music)[edit]

Record Description Length
Four Seasons "Arranged with a rock vibe!" 1:04
Ode to Joy "From Beethoven's Symphony No. 9!" 1:18
Ave Maria "This one's like 'synth-acoustic'!" 0:44
Swanee River "Let this nostalgic mix ease the mind!" 1:14
William Tell "Let's ride some horses!" 1:06
Greensleeves "Here's you jazz mix, cool cats!" 1:27
Traumerei "A slow remix for sloooow listening." 1:24
くるみわり... (Nutcracker...) くるみわりにんぎょうかていかのじかんっぽい! ("Nutcracker home ecomomics-ish time!") 1:04
Canon "Pachelbels's Canon, produced for pop!" 1:21
Morning Mood "Peer Gynt's Suite No. 1, but peppy." 0:53
Hallelujah "Why are these cats so happy?" 0:57
Figaro "How many operas are about figaro?" 1:06
No. 94 "Haydn's Symphony No. 94--EXCITE!" 1:36
Amaryllis "Beep, beep, boop! What a neat song!" 1:16
Desiring "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" 1:18
Sal. d'amour "Salute d'amour, w/ ballad treatment!" 1:44
New World "From the New World Slip back in time!" 1:22
Hungarian D. "No. 5 of Hungarian Dances!" 1:06
Londonderry "Londonderry Air... Christmas flair! 1:09
Fantaisie "It's Fantaisie Impromptu! Nice!" 1:28

Jimmy (world music)[edit]

Record Description Length
No Worries "Feel-good exotic island beats!" 0:54
Tropic Salsa "City kitty, beat the heat!" 0:52
Parade Float "Globe-trotter jam session!" 1:00
Easy Breezy "Kick back in the bossa nova lounge." 1:13
Reggae Sun "Hot reggae under simmering sun" 1:30
5 Minutes "Jazzy, thrilling countdown." 1:16
Sweet Trip "Hot rhythms for a late-night drive." 1:28
Curry Sale "Scents of spice... Mmm, I'm hungry!" 0:44
Western Hat "Put the hat on... be a cowboy too!" 0:50
Animal Samba "Animal Samba under the shining sun." 1:12
Dance Fiesta "Don't think, just dance!" 1:07
Long Ago Age "Tale from a far-off land... 0:44
Cold Wind "Theme for tough mountain men." 1:04
Ramen Broth "Former martial artist, now chef!" 1:00
Melancholy "Fiery tango with a little heartbreak." 0:55
Wind-up Here "Tin soldiers march to the beat!" 1:08
Tribal Drums "Grab a torch and get your dance on!" 0:50
Japan Songs "Nursey rhymes--Japanese style!" 1:32

Ashley (sing-along songs)[edit]

Record Description Length
Doubtfully "I don't wanna believe it..." 2:08
NUMBER TWO "An up-and-coming band!" 1:04
Summer's End "Dance 'til dawn? I don't do that." 1:24
Days Past "Family dinner. Feel the love." 1:13
Rainbow-Bot "From the future! Just not very far." 1:17
She's So Shy "A new anime theme song on sale now." 1:12
A Real Man "Whe should have a drum circle now." 1:10
The Chimps "A hot new band I haven't heard of." 1:18
A Superhero! "Villains around? Go get 'em, dude." 1:10
Fake Nails "To think I waited all day... again."" 1:21
Far-flung "A duet, huh? Nope, not my thing." 0:59
School Song "Diamond Elementary School song." 1:16
Suave Shades "Music to fight crime by." 1:04
City Nights "Cityscape at night? Big deal." 1:13
Sun Chant "Me, tanning? Not likely." 1:04
Shine & Rise "I don't WANT to be cheered up." 0:59
Voice Train "Singing practice. You may need it." 1:16
Days Gone By "Er, thanks for the memories, I guess." 1:18

Orbulon (electronic music)[edit]

Record Description Length
X+Y=? "My research is SO cutting edge!" 0:43
Shadowy Goal "Inflitrating enemy base. Stay alert!" 1:22
Morse Code "Deet-deet-deet! Doot-doot-doot!" 0:48
Overdrive! "Power to MAX! Push it to the limit!" 0:46
Nature Noise "Some critters' sweet symphony." 1:12
Phone Game "Hello? Sorry, wrong number." 1:28
Toy Parade "Some toys make spooky sounds!" 1:36
Empty House "...I guess not..." 1:12
My Hometown "Ah, the spacey sounds of home..." 1:24
Around Again "A space voyage... for your mind..." 1:36
Launchpad "Left Earth and heading home!" 1:20
The Oddzone "Where are we? And who are they?" 1:04
Zero Gravity "Up, up and away..." 1:16
Star Chat "Sparkling banter of the stars." 1:16
Space Pigs "A singing pig! Now that's something!" 0:44
Season Wheel "My, how time flies. Tea?" 0:48
Star Joyride "Hitch a lift with a shooting star." 0:56
Boss Time "It's the final battle! Good luck!" 1:21

9-Volt (Nintendo music)[edit]

Record Description Length
Super Mario "Super Mario Bros. game-play remix!" 0:55
Mario Paint "Featuring Kitties!" 0:55
B. Fight "Reggae bounce and floaty balloons!" 1:15
Yoshi "A Latin-mix Yoshi medley!" 1:22
Clu Clu Land "Jazz vibe, Clu Clu feel! Oh, yeah!" 0:57
F-Zero "A new take on an old favorite!" 0:43
A. Crossing "Animal Crossing on the piano!" 0:57
GB Mario "Super Mario Land with funky twists!" 1:12
Pikmin "The perfect way to start a new day!" 0:56
Wind Waker "A Legend of Zelda orchestral!" 1:36
Metroid "Techno remix, yay! Pretty sweet, huh?" 1:17
なぞのむらさめ (Nazo no Murasame) なぞのむらさめじょうノリノリじょうかまちへん ("Nazo no Murasamejō! Are you excited?") 0:48
Mach Rider "A hard-core dance mix. HARD CORE!" 1:04
Kid Icarus "Kid Icarus remixed and funkified!" 1:36
カエルのために (Kaeru no tame ni) カエルのためにかねはなるカエルのマーチアレンジ ("The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls Frog's March arrangement") 1:12
Donkey Kong "Donkey Kong rules. So does this!" (American English); "Go bananas!" (British English) 0:54
S. Metroid "A Super Metroid metal arrangement!" 0:51
Mario Kart "Yeah! Super Mario Kart a cappella!" 1:04
Wreck. Crew "Wrecking Crew: go, go boogie beat!" 1:12
Wario Land "Still greedy after all these years." 1:24


  • Traumerei, Wind Waker and Kid Icarus are English exclusive songs, replacing Nutcracker, Nazo no Murasame and Kaeru no tame ni respectively from the Japanese version.