D.I.Y. Studio

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“This is your place to make games and get information and stuff.”
D.I.Y. Studio description, WarioWare: D.I.Y.
In-game sprite of the D.I.Y. Studio
D.I.Y. Studio

The D.I.Y. Studio is a location in WarioWare: D.I.Y.. The D.I.Y. Studio is where the player goes to access the Super MakerMatic 21 as well as their achievements and the D.I.Y. Forum. It is located in the middle of the map and its building is that of a large, green pencil with a wooden door and a circular window.


Super MakerMatic 21[edit]

The Super MakerMatic 21 allows the player to create their own games, comics, and records.

Description: I am the Super MakerMatic 21, a device that can create many things.

D.I.Y. Data[edit]

Selecting this option allows the player to see their achievements and the criteria needed in order to unlock them. Each achievement that is unlocked grants the player a Diamond Record in the D.I.Y. Shop.

Description: Here is your D.I.Y. Data, you can check all your records.

D.I.Y. Forum[edit]

The D.I.Y. Forum gives the players advice on making their games, records, and comics. More topics are unlocked as the player unlocks more achievements and creates more games, records, or comics.

Description: The most popular message board around. It's loaded with good tips.