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This article is about the boss Mouser. For the similarly named recurring species in Yoshi, Paper Mario, and Mario Party titles, see Little Mouser.
Not to be confused with Meowser.
Artwork for Super Mario Advance.
Species Mouse
First appearance Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic (1987, overall)
Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988, Super Mario franchise)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (spirit cameo) (2018)
Latest portrayal Charles Martinet[1] (2001)
“Here! Have some bomb!”
Mouser, Super Mario Advance

Mouser is a large, anthropomorphic mouse who first appears in Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic and Super Mario Bros. 2. He wears sunglasses, gloves and boots. Mouser is a resident of Subcon, the land of dreams. Not much is revealed about Mouser, though it is mentioned that he is prideful and utilizes his bombs to destroy good dreams.[2]


Super Mario series[edit]

Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic / Super Mario Bros. 2[edit]

Screenshot of Mouser from Super Mario Bros. 2
A screenshot depicting the first boss fight against Mouser in World 1-3 in Super Mario Bros. 2

In Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic, Mouser is fought three times, appearing in World 1-3, World 3-3 and World 5-3; the latter level features an albino Mouser with red shoes and gloves. In battle, Mouser throws bombs at the player, which will explode after a short time. Players must defeat Mouser by grabbing bombs from him or elsewhere in the stage and throwing them at him so that they explode near or on the rodent; Mouser takes three hits to defeat in World 1-3, five in World 3-3, and six in World 5-3. In Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario USA, the albino Mouser is replaced with with Clawgrip; furthermore, Mouser has pink ears and shoes in World 1-3, while in World 3-3 he has green ears and shoes.

In Super Mario Advance, Robirdo replaces the second Mouser battle in World 3-3, and the second fight is moved to World 6-3, replacing Tryclyde's second battle. He was given voice acting along with the main cast and the other various bosses, and speaks in a snide tone. Upon defeat, Mouser exclaims "No way!" before falling off-screen.

There are some unused sprites in Super Mario Advance of what appears to be a Porcupo-like mouse enemy, indicating that Mouser was intended to start out as a regular enemy type before undergoing a transformation, much like Fryguy and Clawgrip.[3]

BS Super Mario USA[edit]

In BS Super Mario USA, Mouser, Birdo and Wart have returned to Subcon to invade it again. Mouser is found in World 1-3 as the main boss of the world. He is no different than in the original game. However, like Wart and the Birdos, he could cast his own magic spell; such as turning enemies and objects into bombs, and throwing giant bombs out of nowhere.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show![edit]

Mouser's normal appearance in "Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa...?"
You're about to learn about it... ze hard way!”
Mouser, Koopenstein

Mouser is a prominent villain in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Unlike his appearance in Super Mario Bros. 2, Mouser works as second-in-command under King Koopa rather than being a part of the 8 bits. Like Koopa, Mouser has many aliases that often match the general theme of the episode in which he appears. His main method of attacking is to throw either bombs or Bob-Ombs.

Mouser is voiced by John Stocker, the same actor who voices Toad, and is given a Swiss accent. In "Butch Mario & The Luigi Kid" and "Rolling Down the River", his voice is higher pitched than in other episodes. He appears in 23 episodes, but has a speaking role in only 21. The only episodes where Mouser does not have a speaking role are "Pirates of Koopa" and "Karate Koopa".

"Butch Mario & The Luigi Kid"[edit]

“Sheriff Mouser to you, you despicable felons!”
Mouser, Butch Mario & The Luigi Kid

In this episode, Mouser is referred to as Sheriff Mouser, wearing a purple bandanna around his neck, a brown cowboy hat, and a star-shaped badge.

Sheriff Mouser first appears to surprise Mario, Luigi, and Toad when they walk up a hill. He attempts to arrest them with a band of Snifits and Ostros. After fleeing, Mario and his friends encounter and jump across a waterfall. Mouser attempts to jump by claiming, "If they can do it, so can I!", hesitating, and then nervously saying that his cronies can go first. After they fail and fall into the waterfall, Mouser begins to cry.

After Mario and friends go to a mine where Princess Toadstool is trapped, Mouser surrounds them with his band and tells them to "reach for the sky." However, a Tweeter then gets into an argument with him, distracting him, and Mario and co. quickly run away. Mouser then throws a bomb at the mine, and a resulting boulder chases Mario and co. Eventually, they get exhausted, fall for a trap, and are captured.

Mario and Luigi hatch a plan to trick Mouser by begging for water. He brings a glass, only to drink it in front of them. Mario and Luigi then play a game of Patty Cake, and Mouser exclaims, "Hey! What are you loonies up to?" Mario then knocks Mouser's hat off, allowing Toad to sneak inside. Mouser puts the hat back on, unaware of Toad's presence.

Mouser then arrives at a bar for a drink. Toad sneaks from the hat and steals Mouser's bombs to bomb Mario and Luigi's jail cell. When Mouser notices that Mario and his friends are free, he orders his pack of Koopa Troopas to stop them. Mario and Luigi run to the mine where Princess Toadstool is trapped, and Mouser allows Kid Koopa, an alias for King Koopa, to stop them. However, Koopa fails, and the princess is rescued.

"Rolling Down the River"[edit]

In this episode, Mouser is referred to as First Mate Mouser, wearing a dark purple bandanna, glasses with one half broken resembling an eye patch, and a red-and-white striped shirt.

First Mate Mouser appears from below deck to report to Captain Koopa, another of King Koopa's aliases, that he has found no trace of any stowaways. Not satisfied with this, Koopa violently shoves Mouser aside and ventures below the deck of the Sinister Star. Later, he keeps lookout with a telescope. Seeing a rival ship named the Ding Bell, Mouser proceeds to alert Koopa of this. Grabbing the telescope from Mouser, Koopa sees Mario and Luigi riding the Ding Bell; furious, he throws his telescope to the ground and stomps on it.

King Koopa orders Mouser to bring him a Black Pit Bob-Omb; hesitantly, Mouser brings forth a chest containing an enormous Bob-Omb and passes the explosive to Koopa.

Mouser is next seen with King Koopa looking quite bored before noticing the Ding Bell yet again. after it crossed the pit. Koopa, in his frustration, throws his telescope at Mouser and proceeds to stomp on it again when it lands on the ground.

When Koopa subdues the Mario Bros. later, Mouser helps him force Mario to walk the plank.

"The Great BMX Race"[edit]

Mouser retains his normal appearance in this episode, and is part of the Team Koopa that opposes Mario and Luigi, along with Tryclyde and a Koopa Troopa. Mouser's taunting at their first encounter with Mario and Luigi causes Team Koopa to laugh so hard, it lets the brothers drive away on their motorcycle unnoticed.

Mouser and his team are instructed by King Koopa to attack Mario and Luigi when they reach Dead Man's Curve. They soon find Toad and Princess Toadstool, who had been trying to catch the brothers' attention, and capture them both. As Mario and Luigi leave the Pasta Pit after a large meal, Mouser and his team ambush them and knock them from their motorcycle. As the brothers drive up a cliff, Team Koopa drives directly towards them, causing them to get distracted, hit a rock, and fall off the cliff. When they miraculously climb back up and continue driving, Mouser and Team Koopa activate speed-increasing devices in their vehicles, allowing them to quickly approach the brothers again.

After Mario throws an open can of tomato sauce at Team Koopa, Tryclyde and the Koopa Troopa lose control of their vehicles. Mouser however, appears and begins to assault the brothers with Bob-Ombs. Unfortunately, he soon becomes disoriented in the explosion of one of his own projectiles. Just as Team Koopa surrounds the brothers, Mario and Luigi play a game of Patty Cake, distracting them. The brothers flee to a nearby vegetable patch and throw vegetables at Team Koopa. Mouser is hit by a large zucchini, knocked off his vehicle, and badly injured. He and the rest of Team Koopa are not able to continue racing.

"Stars in Their Eyes"[edit]

In this episode, Mouser is referred to as Astro Mouser, wearing a purple jumpsuit and space helmet.

On the planet Quirk, Mouser throws a bomb at two Quirks, the planet's inhabitants, and demands they work harder and faster. Soon after, Mario's rocketship, after being forced to land by an array of meteors, crashes on top of a dumbstruck Mouser. The Quirks come to thank Mario and his friends for subduing Mouser, who slides out of the ship, appearing squished. Mouser then growls and throws squished Bob-Ombs at Mario and co. while they escape with the Quirks on a raft. He throws a Bob-Omb in the river, which springs a leak on the raft. Mario fixes the leak, however, which propels the crew away from Mouser. Mouser then alerts King Koopa about Mario and his friends entering the planet.

"Toad Warriors"[edit]

Mouser retains his normal appearance in this episode, and is first seen in Car Land on a cliff with King Koopa just as State Troopa surrounds Mario and his friends. Koopa tells Mouser about his plan to sell stolen spaghetti sauce from the rebels of Car Land.

Later, King Koopa orders the Koopa Pack, consisting of Mouser and several State Troopas riding cars, to siege the Rebel Fort. Mouser is knocked down from his car by vegetables. He regretfully informs Koopa that Mario, Luigi and Toad have evaded capture, and soon after plots to annihilate them with his ultimate weapon, the Thunderbirdo. It bombards the Rebel Fort with a giant egg, causing an explosion, as an excited Mouser persuades King Koopa to overrun the fort, now in shambles.

During the race between Toad and King-of-the-Road Koopa, Mario and Princess Toadstool are surrounded by State Troopas, Mouser, and Thunderbirdo. Toadstool throws a bag of Bob-ombs into Thunderbirdo's mouth, causing it to explode and launch Mouser into the air. When he falls back down, Luigi throws a Bob-Omb directly at his face, sending him careening over the horizon. Mouser is not seen again for the rest of the episode.

"The Fire of Hercufleas"[edit]

In this episode, Mouser wears a gold Roman helmet and a tunic. He also lacks his trademark gloves.

At the beginning of the episode, just as Toad blabbers to Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool about Hercufleas, Luigi spots Mouser entering Mythis riding on a chariot with two Ostros. When Mario and co. hold still like statues on top of some pedestals, Mouser inspects the area to try and find the Marios. As dust lands near Luigi’s face, making him about to sneeze in the process, Mouser figures that the Marios aren’t around and leaves to report King Koopa about their absence.

Later, Mouser enters Koopacropolis to inform King Koopa that the Marios are nearby, he tells Mouser that once he takes the Marios down, he is sure to retrieve the Great Balls of Fire once and for all.

After Hercufleas’s training, King Koopa commands Mouser to bring more marshmallows for him. When Mouser, holding large portion of marshmallows, asks King Koopa if he should just save the Great Balls of Fire just to defeat the Marios with them, King Koopa tells him that he has seemingly taken down the Marios, just when they, along with a now-muscular Hercufleas, have stormed into Koopacropolis. When Toad is taken to fall into the Great Balls of Fire by one of the Beezos, Hercufleas takes and throws Mouser’s marshmallow bowl on top of the Great Balls of Fire, causing Toad to land safely into the marshmallows just as they melt, trapping the Beezos in them in the process. Towards the end of the episode, after a fiery face-off with Toad (in his Super Toad form), King Koopa calls in Mouser, who out of nowhere re-enters with his chariot and leaves just as Koopa leaves Koopacropolis once and for all.

"Quest for Pizza"[edit]

Main article: Mousersaurus Rex

While Mouser does not appear in this episode, a dinosaur-like creature with similar features makes an appearance.


Picture Name Episode
Sheriff Mouser Sheriff Mouser "Butch Mario & The Luigi Kid"
First Mate Mouser First Mate Mouser "Rolling Down the River"
"Pirates of Koopa"
"Astro Mouser" as he appears in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode, "Stars in Their Eyes". Astro Mouser "Stars in Their Eyes"
Mouser Mousigor "Count Koopula"
Mouser Bailiff Mouser "Escape from Koopatraz"

Nintendo Comics System[edit]

In the Nintendo Comics System, Mouser is said to have been the leader of similar looking "mice" before defecting to King Koopa.

In "A Mouser in the Houser", it is revealed that the mice once had a prosperous society, having dug the Transport Tube system and hidden all the treasures they found in it. Eventually, the society of the mice began to crumble when their king, Mouser, abandoned them and joined Bowser. Additionally, several mice abduct Princess Toadstool after she becomes lost in the Transport Tube system. After kidnapping the princess, the mice reveal their origin to her and offer her the position of their queen, saying that if she agreed to this proposal, she could have a map of the Transport Tube system, as well as dozens of ready troops to help her defeat Bowser. Princess Toadstool eventually rejects the offer of becoming queen of the mice when they refuse to help her aid Mario, who was being attacked by Mouser.

In "The Buddy System", a large group of mice appear to capture Mario and Bowser when the two become lost in the Transport Tube system. Shackling Mario and Bowser together, these mice interrogate them and learn that Bowser had planned on flooding the Transport Tube system by blowing up the main water valve of it. Deciding to aid Bowser in his plot of destroying the Transport Tube system, this group of mice use bombs to blow up the main water valve, which causes a large amount of water to flow through the Transport Tube system and wash them away.

Though several mice appear on the alternate cover of another Nintendo Comics System comic entitled "Bedtime for Drain-Head", no mice actually appear in the story.

Super Mario Bros. & Friends: When I Grow Up[edit]

Mouser as a Disc Jocky[sic]
Mouser and Mario.

In Super Mario Bros. & Friends: When I Grow Up, Mouser briefly appears as a disk jockey in the "Disk Jockey" career page. The page states the following:

Mouser is one cool disc jockey! His morning show is a big hit on the radio. Everyone loves "The Mouser in the Morning Show." Everyone except for Mario the sound engineer. "I think I'll go get a job at a library!" says Mario. "I need some peace and quiet. That Mouser plays his music too loud in the studio."

Super Mario-kun[edit]

In Super Mario-kun, Mouser first appears in chapter 6 of volume 6 as a minor antagonist. After Bowser had some 8 bits soldiers delivered to him by accident in the previous chapter, Wart sent Mouser, alongside some Shy Guys, to bring them back to Subcon. Birdo, being one of them, refuses after falling in love with Yoshi and Mouser starts bickering with her. He manages to give Mario and company a fight for their lives by attaching a Phanto on Luigi's face, turning him evil; Mouser's plan is foiled when Luigi is affected by some Yoshi Cookies in a Panic formation. Mouser resorts to throwing bombs, but Luigi catches them and tosses them back, defeating him.

Mouser reappears in chapter 3 of volume 8. Interested in Birdo's new friends, Wart kidnaps them and brings them to Subcon to challenge them. While traversing World 3, Yoshi is lured by some kashiwa mochi that Birdo recognizes as one of Mouser's traps, and shoves Yoshi away from the candies as they explode, eliminating her. Full of rage, Yoshi retaliates by mercilessly beating Mouser. Once again, the Yoshi Cookies are used and, after accidentally hitting Mario with a Slave formation, Yoshi combines his attacks with Mario's and manages to kill Mouser and avenge Birdo's death.

Later, during the second part of the Wart fight, Wart molds himself into a hybrid of all the 8 bits' generals, granting him Mouser's skill to generate an infinite amount of bomb supplies.

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

In the Super Smash Bros. series, there are a few items of Mouser. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl there is a sticker of Mouser that, when used on any fighter in The Subspace Emissary, boosts their arm attack power by 20 points. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there is a Novice-class Grab-type primary spirit of Mouser that, when used, boosts the fighter's power without granting any special effect. In World of Light, the spirit is found on the Light Realm map, and the spirit battle takes place on the Battlefield form of the Mushroom Kingdom II stage, with Pikachu as an opponent and Bob-ombs as the only items that spawn. The core extracted from a Mouser spirit can be combined with a Count Cannoli core and two other Neutral cores to summon the Daroach spirit.

General information[edit]

Physical description[edit]

Mouser, like the rest of his species, is an anthropomorphic mouse that wears sunglasses that covers his eyes in most cases. When his eyes aren't covered, it is shown to be a white eye with a black pupil. He has gray fur, pink ears, a fur-less snout with a full set of teeth, and a fur-less tail. In Mouser's normal appearance, he lacks clothing, except for red gloves, red shoes and his sunglasses. Mouser does take on aliases, like King Koopa, where he wears an outfit to match the theme of the episode and he gets mentioned by a title, such as First Mate Mouser. In the show, Mouser has a Swiss accent, which is indicated by saying "zat" instead of "that" and other phrases where it is clearly defined. There are also references to his love of Swiss cheese.


In the cartoons, Mouser, like his boss, King Koopa, is an antagonist of Mario and his friends and he will do anything he can to capture them. Mouser also likes to use bombs as his primary form of attack. Even though he is second-in-command, his pack members still obey him, as seen in "Butch Mario & The Luigi Kid." Mouser, however, does laugh at King Koopa when something embarrassing happens to him, as demonstrated in the episode, "The Adventures of Sherlock Mario" when Herlock Solmes recalls King Koopa's embarrassing memories of his past, though he is still afraid when King Koopa threatens or gets angry at him.


Super Mario series[edit]

Super Mario Bros. 2 / Super Mario Advance[edit]

  • Instruction booklet bio: It is a bomber of bad dreams that destroys good dreams. It is proud and it doesn't believe that it is just a mouse.[2]
  • Instruction booklet bio (Game Boy Advance version): Mouser destroys sweet dreams with his nightmare bombs. He's very proud and doesn't think of himself as an ordinary mouse.[4]

Perfect Ban Mario Character Daijiten[edit]

ドン・チュルゲ (JP) / Don Churuge (EN)
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Original text (Japanese) Translation
出身しゆつしん / 種族しゅぞく ビースト族 Place of origin/tribe Beast clan
性格せいかく 武闘派 Disposition Militant
登場とうじょうゲーム USA Game appearances USA


The grand boss of mice!

The big boss on the first stage of Mario USA. He wears sunglasses and is the head of the mouse gang. He is a ferocious character, and throws bombs left and right. He is one of the most fiercely competitive characters in Mario USA. His American name is Mouser.

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

A Sticker of Mouser in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Artwork from: Super Mario Bros. 2
Effects in The Subspace Emissary: [Arm] - Attack +20
Usable by: Anyone

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit[edit]

Name Image Series / game Type Class Strength / effect(s) How to obtain Spirit battle
Opponent(s) Battle conditions Stage Song
Mouser Mouser from Super Mario USA Super Mario Series Primary (1) Novice Grab World of Light (Light Realm); Spirit Board Pikachu Rule: Item: Bob-omb
  • The enemy is easily distracted by items
  • The enemy starts the battle with a Bob-omb
Mushroom Kingdom II (Battlefield) Boss Theme - Super Mario Bros. 21

1 - Although this theme plays, the song title that appears at the start of the match reads "Ground Theme - Super Mario Bros. 2" due to both themes being part of the same track when played on a stage (with the Boss Theme replacing the Ground Theme when nearing the end of the match).

Encyclopedia Super Mario Bros.[edit]

Bio: W1とW3のボス。バクダンを投げて攻撃をする、プライドの高いネズミ。[6] (The boss of W1 and W3. A prideful mouse, he attacks by throwing bombs.)






Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドン・チュルゲ[7][8] / ドンチュルゲ[9]
Don Churuge
Don Churu
From Don (a Spanish word for "sir") or「どん」(don, Japanese onomatopoeic term meaning "boom") + derivation of「チュー」(chū, Japanese onomatopoeic word for squeaking mice) with diminutive "-le", and possibly「ゲスい」(gesui, vulgar)

Transliteration of the Super Mario Bros. 2 name

From Don (a Spanish word for "sir") or「どん」(don, Japanese onomatopoeic term meaning "boom") + derivation of「チュー」(chū, Japanese onomatopoeic word for squeaking mice) with diminutive "-le"

Chinese (simplified) 老鼠大王
Lǎoshǔ Dàwáng
Mouse King

Dutch Mouser
French Mouser
German Mauser
Italian Mouser
Ugly Mouse; from topo ("mouse") and the male pejorative suffix "-astro"; shared with Rat Funk
From the onomatopoeic word "squit" (squeak); same as Little Mouser
Mouser/Ugly Mouse/Micecatcher; varies from episode to episode (not including the additional titles such as "general" or "sheriff")
Mouse-y Express; from Pony Express
Korean 찍두기
From 찍찍 (jjik-jjik, Korean mimetic word for squeaking mice)

Russian Мышкин
From мышка (myshka, "mouse") and the surname suffix -ин ("-in")

Spanish Mouser


  • In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, after Bowser gets to his old castle which was taken over by Fawful and renamed Fawful's Theater, a Shy Guy says "This castle... it had a name... long ago... Browser's Castle? Mouser's Castle? Wowser?"
  • In the Star Fox comic "Farewell, Beloved Falco", a mouse resembling Mouser is a member of the "FREE AS A BIRD" gang of space hot-rodders.


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