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From weird filenames to amusing file descriptions, this is a collection of separate image files. Odd edits from image galleries are also listed here.


("Here's an example of why you should add spacing to your file names, lest some silly crude word slip through unintentionally." -Doc von Schmeltwick (talk)

File:Bowser on Koopa King kart MKDD.png[edit]

Bowser on Koopa King kart MKDD.png

("This file was edited to remove the spikes on the front-right wheels, despite everything else still having the spikes, including the opposite wheels, to look... less menacing, I guess? This is what the image is supposed to look like." - Alex95 (talk))

File:Crazy Wario.png[edit]

The actual image

("Full disclosure: I moved this to File:MK64 Wario Losing following the talkpage discussion, but it was moved to the current filename after that." --SONIC123CDMANIA+&K(B&ATSA) (talk))


(This image has the file name "DolphinCuteSun":)
(What the author of that name didn't know is that the full picture looks like this:)
Artwork of Mario jumping from some Dolphins from Super Mario World

File:DrMarioWorld - Sprite Dry Bowser Sad.jpg[edit]

Dr. Baby Dry Bowser (sad)
File information for BJAODN/Files and galleries
Description Dr. Baby Dry Bowser (sad)
Help:ImageImage use policy

("Ignoring the truly garish crop job and the fact this is a jpeg, see if you can spot the error in the file's about section there... We get Dr. Mario World didn't exactly have the best roster, but jeez, that seems a little cynical, right? ;P" ~ Camwoodstock (talk))


Freezing-Rain Tower
The actual image

("Definition of "feezing".")


File information for BJAODN/Files and galleries
Description a phat boi icicle
Source NSMBW rendered meeself
Help:ImageImage use policy

(Accurate description. - ViableBunnyBudd (talk))

File:Goombario Tattling Paratroopa PMTTYD.png[edit]

Goombella Tattling Paratroopa PMTTYD.png

("Goombario looks a lot more... female than I remember." — ShootingStar7X (talk))



("What's harder to believe is that there's actually a commercial website that does exactly what the PrintScreen button on everyone's keyboard does." - Mario (talk))

File:Mario Party 2 Face Lift.png[edit]

Mario's head being pulled in Face Lift from Mario Party 2.
File information for BJAODN/Files and galleries
Description Mario's decapitated head being pulled apart in Face Lift from Mario Party 2
Help:ImageImage use policy

(I just love BJAODN.)

(This is another quality LeftyGreenMario submission. Mario) Bazooka Mario (talk)

File:Mario Party Star Rush Shogakukan.jpg[edit]

Shogakukan guide for Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition
File information for BJAODN/Files and galleries
Description Shogakukan guide for Mario Party: Star Rush
Help:ImageImage use policy

(This is quite a case of identity crisis. Note that this was the original name of the file before it was changed. - BMfan08 (talk))

(Let it be known that this mistake went unnoticed for over 3 years - RHG1951 (talk))


Peach’s Castle.png


Rosalina turns giant from a Mega Mushroom.

("that was an actual filename")

File:SSB Beta Saffron City.jpg[edit]

A pre-release screenshot showing Saffron City's pink and purple rooftops. Other pre-release objects appear in the stage scenery.

A beta snapshot showing Safron City's pink and purple rooftop. Other beta thongs could be found.

("The real question is who's wearing them?") --Lord Grammaticus


Wario is frozen in Frozen Assets from Mario Party 8
File information for BJAODN/Files and galleries
Description In fact, it's TOO cold. War is frozen in Frozen Assets from Mario Party 8
Help:ImageImage use policy

Who knew that Mario Party 8 was a metaphor for late 20th century politics? Of note is that this stayed unchanged for four and a half years. -Bowserbros (talk)

Actually, this was here longer than four and a half years. I uploaded this in April 2, 2010 and it was deleted because it my sister and I replaced I with a better version, but with file names and file description intact. There's a quite few file descriptions by me that's still scattered in the wiki but I'd like to keep them around just for legacy sake and just for a decent laugh at a light-hearted series anyway. Bazooka Mario (talk)


(Horrifically AI-upscaled) magazine scan showing both the unused and final models of the Flying Man.

("It's like that AI wasn't even Trying, Man. ~Camwoodstock (talk)")

Gallery:Donkey Kong Country[edit]

("It was like this for more than four months despite a few editors editting the article." - Wynn Liaw (talk))


  • A Boo appears on the back of the Halloween packet of ________.

Note: I forgotthe Name. Please add it.

("Your memory's a total _____!" - Toadette the Achiever (talk))

Gallery:Mario Kart 64[edit]

Other creatures

("Maybe when under a Wonder Effect..." Arend (talk))

Gallery:Mario Party[edit]


("I thought he was the question mark?")

Gallery:Mario Party Advance[edit]

Group artwork:

Gallery:Mario Party DS[edit]

("Mmm. Tasty." - Ultimate Mr. L (talk))

Gallery:Mario sprites and models[edit]

(An edit of this replaced everything with an ASCII drawing of Mario's Mario Party 6 artworkMedia:Mario Artwork - Mario Party 6.png, which only actually looks accurate in the "what is being changed" section.)

Gallery:Super Princess Peach[edit]

("Guess he felt really zany that day." - Camwood777 (talk))