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Wynn Liaw
Dr Mario DMW.jpg
I've found a vaccine to the coronavirus!!!
Full name Wynn Liaw
Species Human (Normal)
First appearance Nostalgia (2007)
Latest appearance Super Mario Construct (2020)
“Coronavirus should end!”
User:Wynn Liaw, Wikipedia:2020

This is my user page. I joined this wiki because I like Mario. I came across it when I played a Super Mario Bros. game in 2018. Later that year, it reminded me of Mario when I saw an animation of someone stomping on another person like how Mario stomp on Goomba. So, I called that person Mario. In 2019, someone in my class accidentally discover a Super Mario Bros. emulator and my Mario journey has begun. I searched for emulators and played many Mario games likes Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64 and New Super Mario Bros.. I discovered Mario Wiki and found out that there are many more games like Super Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario Maker.

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Super Smash Bros. character
Wynn Liaw
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Game appearances
Mario Wiki
Special moves
Standard:  Throw vaccine
Side:  Wipe
Up:  Upload files
Down:  Place bomb
Final Smash:  Kill COVID-19 and cure all patients
Battle entrance
Time machine

I mainly upload files.

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  • Finish Trig's projects and expand them

My youtube videos

Just message me if you want them

Weird Gallery

2020 music disc

This is my disc for the year 2020!

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