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This article is about jewels from Luigi's Mansion. For other uses of the term "Stone", see Stone (disambiguation).
Luigi finds a Blue Stone.

Stones, also called Jewels, are valuable collectibles found in the game Luigi's Mansion. There are three different colors of Stones, each with their own name:

  • Blue Sapphires (500,000G each)
  • Green Emeralds (800,000G each)
  • Red Rubies (1,000,000G each)

Ten of each color can be found in the Mansion, totaling 23,000,000G. To find them all, Luigi has to water all the plants he can find, examine a variety of objects such as buckets, gutters and gold chandeliers, catch Speedy Spirits, and light up all the rooms in the mansion except for the third and Basement floor hallways.

In the PAL Hidden Mansion, only five of each color can be found, as the Speedy Spirits and Gold Mice that normally drop stones drop Silver Diamonds instead.