Vine Whip

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Vine Whip.

Vine Whip is Ivysaur's up special move in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, based on the same move from the Pokémon series. Ivysaur attacks by sending a vine at an upward arc to attack opponents above it. The attack has a sweet spot at the end of the vine that deals more damage and knockback. This move also functions as a tether recovery. When used as such, Ivysaur hangs offstage for a short time before automatically grabbing the ledge, or when the player presses any button excluding down, which causes it to let go of the ledge.

Ivysaur also uses the vines for several of its other attacks, including its grabs, its neutral attack, its side and down smash attacks, its side aerial, and for throwing Razor Leaf.