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Focus Attack is a move introduced in Street Fighter IV that every character in that game can use, which appears as Ryu's down special move in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U. Ryu charges up a punch for as long as the special attack button is held down, ink surrounding him. Ryu is also given super armor for the duration of the attack, though it will only protect against one hit. A fully charged Focus Attack will briefly stun opponents that are hit. The player can also cancel the attack by double-tapping the control stick. In addition, by tilting the control stick in the other direction while charging, the player can reverse the direction of the attack.


  • "By turning the opposite way the moment Ryu punches, he will strike in that direction instead."
  • "Hitting an opponent with the fully charged version of this move will make them slowly crumple. Time for a follow-up attack!"
  • "Ryu can take one hit while readying for this move. This is true until right before he attacks, even when charging the move to maximum power."
  • "Ryu will hold his stance until you release the button or a certain amount of time has passed. Then he’ll unleash the punch."
  • "You can cancel this move by pressing left or right twice quickly, either while charging or right after the punch connects."