Straight Lunge

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The Straight Lunge is Little Mac's neutral special move in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U. When used, Little Mac charges up a punch; during that time, he'll gain knockback resistance against weaker attacks. By pressing the button again, Little Mac charges forward and hits any opponents in his path with an uppercut. The more it is charged, the farther he travels, but the attack's power does not increase unless it's fully charged. A fully charged Straight Lunge causes Little Mac to cool down for a longer period, but it also delivers a good amount of damage and knockback upon landing on an opponent.

If used in the air, Straight Lunge doesn't offer any horizontal movement, unless it's fully charged. Additionally, its attack power is considerably weaker in the air.

The two variations for this move are Flaming Straight Lunge and Stunning Straight Lunge. Flaming Straight Lunge deals fire damage, charges more quickly, and can hit multiple times, but deals less damage. Stunning Straight Lunge stuns opponents when fully charged, and travels a farther distance, but it doesn't offer any knockback resistance while charging.

When Little Mac's Power Meter is full, the Straight Lunge is replaced with a one-use move, called the KO Uppercut; Little Mac delivers an unblockable uppercut in front of himself. Contrary to its name, however, the KO Uppercut isn't a 1-hit KO move, as it can't normally KO fighters at 0% damage, but whenever the attack hits any opponents, they'll be sent flying a great distance. The aerial version of the attack is much weaker in power. Also, this move's ending lag is long, which can leave Little Mac vulnerable to counterattacks if the attack misses.

The Straight Lunge is the move Kirby copies after Inhaling Little Mac, but he cannot use the KO Uppercut as he does not gain a Power Meter.

Whenever Giga Mac uses Straight Lunge, it charges to full power at a much faster rate than normal.