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Crash Bomber is one of Mega Man's special moves in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U. Originally Crash Man's weapon from Mega Man 2, it can be used by holding the control stick to the sides and pressing the special attack button. When used, Mega Man fires a bomb that travels across the screen. When it hits an opponent or a wall, it behaves like a Gooey Bomb, sticking to them for a few seconds before detonating; it can also be passed to other players by running into them. Mega Man can only shoot one Crash Bomber at a time.

The first of Mega Man's custom versions of this move is Ice Slasher, Ice Man's weapon from the original Mega Man. When used, Mega Man shoots an ice projectile across the screen that can freeze opponents. The other variant of this move is Danger Wrap, Burst Man's weapon from Mega Man 7, which has Mega Man fire a bomb inside a bubble that arcs up after firing.

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