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Thought Trial Stew or Mistake were useless? See these!


In the Mario universe, barrels do not differentiate from those in the real world. A barrel is made of several vertical convex staves (fourteen in the latest appearances) bound to form a pseudo-cylindrical vase, which is the barrel itself. Four gray steel hoops (only three in the New Super Mario Bros. games, and two in Wario Land 3) circle the staves: two of them are each placed at one of the barrel's base, while the other are donned on the barrel's bigger circumferences.

("This is so descriptive, it's hilarious. A description like this belongs on Wikipedia, not here. - Ultimate Mr. L (talk)")

Blast Cannon[edit]

The Blast Cannon, when purchased, is wheeled to the Boss Room by the Item Shopkeeper. She then clicks his fingers, the Blast Cannon then fires a bomb at the boss, which causes a small amount of damage.


Like pipes, Wario struggles for a short while to squeeze his fat buttocks to get inside.

Blue Shell[edit]

The Blue Shell (AKA: Flying Spiny Shell, Flying Wonder, Blue Demon, etc...) Is a variety of shell that appears in Mario Kart series. Upon being shot, it chases after the kart whom is first place to kick character's ass and lose time to that character to win the race.

WARNING: Don't use Blue Shells in first place, or you'll pay...

("I used the Blue Shell in first place. I got bombed. It was awesome." - Stooben Rooben (talk))

Bullet Bill[edit]

In Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8 Bullet Bills slow down when nearing the end of its lifespan - which makes it less likely for a player to be thrown off the course.

("I didn't know Mario Kart was so dark." - Alex95 (talk))

Buzzy Shell[edit]

A Buzzy Beetle shell is basically the small shell worn by buzzy beetles. In first appeared in Super Mario Bros. where it was always worn by Buzzy Beetles. It was greenish if they appeared in caves, and black if they were in the sun. The Buzzy beetle shell has, so far, always been seen worn by Buzzy Beetles.

("Who exactly wears these mysterious shells?")


Thanks to its fame as a well-known, household object, cheese has been found and referenced in many games and media, mostly in other forms [...]

("Cheese isn't a household object, it's food." - Flipnote Hatena Fan (talk))

Chaos Emerald[edit]

An item that appeared in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and will appear in Luigi & Sonic at the Olympic Special Games.

("Mistake at the end is simply GOLD.")

Coconut Shooter[edit]


  • In the game's official artwork, Donkey Kong is shown holding the Coconut Shooter only with his right hand and about to trigger it. In the game, he holds it with both hands and uses his left hand to trigger it, but holds it only in his right hand after he runs out of Melon Slices.
  • It can, in fact, fire in spurts.
  • If it shoots ya, it is going to hurt.

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Command Block[edit]

...They are not to be confused with Command Blocks from the popular game, Minecraft.

("Yes, because blocks that determine what move you do can totally be confused with blocks from a different game that spawn zombies, create lightning strikes, make TNT fall from the sky, and construct an entire computer.")

Crystal Coconut[edit]

In the show, the Coconut's abilities are pretty inconsistent and in each episode it's in it does whatever the plot demands.

Gold Dice Block[edit]

It can be useful when they want to land on a useful space so far..

List of power-ups[edit]

Image Item Effect
Feather.png Cape Feather Slows Mario or Luigi's descent from the air, can fly, damages enemies around while Spin Jumping. also he can KO any enimy he hits, and also turns mario into a girl

Life Shroom[edit]

The simplest items in the game can make Life Shrooms, so Mario should stock up on the useless flora because they'll pay off later.


In gact, upon using the item, the animation is the exact same as one; including the last sheep*.

*This link brings you to the Sammer Guy of the same name.


("Birdo is a mushroom?")

Nitro Honey Syrup[edit]

Although Nitro Honey Syrup was never produced, recipes for it could apparently be found in the Ratooey Businessman's briefcase. Although it is, by normalcy, powerful enough to perform miraculous acts such as even raising the dead, Eat your heart out, Mrs. Butterworth.

Note Block[edit]

These blocks help you to do a big jump.Your jump doubles when you jump on one.Rarely, the have precious items.

Stealth Fighter.Please correct something wrong.

Orange Grenade[edit]

Orange grenade is a basic weapon in DonkeyKong 64 that appear in every level there is also an evil version called Darth Orange that some enemeis use like Klumps and Zingers there are also some little sences with the oranges like Klump eating one and his belly inlargeing and tiny juggeling them.


A single painting makes an appearance in Luigi's Mansion, the one Mario is trapped in, which serves as Luigi's primary goal.

("Ignoring the fifty bazillion other paintings throughout the game, including the other ones heavily-important to the plot.")

Peach (item)[edit]

Mushroom World Peaches
Common Use

While peaches are not commonly eaten in the Mushroom World, their presence has lead to the conception of the term, "peachy." This word can either be used to describe flavor or show one's positive opinion regarding a situation. While adventuring with Mario, Princess Toadstool was eaten by Belome. He commented that she tasted, "peachy" in Super Mario RPG. Later, Princess Peach would adopt this as a catchphrase, first using it during her second kart tournament and later while rescuing Mario from Bowser in Super Princess Peach, and once more when doubling herself during her adventures in the Sprixie Kingdom in Super Mario 3D World.

Poison Mushroom[edit]

Super Paper Mario

In Super Paper Mario, Poison Shrooms are a much more common occurrence than in its predecessor, occasionally being dropped by Zombie Shrooms, Cursyas, and their relatives. If you find one DON'T EAT IT.

Power Moon[edit]

When Mario is near a Power Moon, he'll tilt his head to look at it.

Power Star[edit]

Power Stars are mystical artifacts with great power. Unlike the regular Stars, which only give limited invincibility, Power Stars grant the player great strength, power, energy and speed.

("Where exactly do they grant Mario any of these?" - LeftyGreenMario (talk))

P Switch[edit]

Super Mario World[edit]

Gray P Switches can turn Munchers and Jelectros into regular coins; however, there was no original level that featured both Jelectros and a P Switch at the same time, as gray P Switches don't appear in Super Mario Bros. 3, and Jelectros don't appear in Super Mario World.

("There's actually some truth to this, but that wording is horrible.")

Red Coin[edit]

Red Coins are coins that sometimes appear along with Yellow Coins in the Mario series. The only difference between a yellow coin and a red coin is that red coins are red and they are worth 2 coins while yellow coins are yellow and are worth one coin.

("Blue coins are blue, right?" - Tsunami (talk))


Strawberry is based upon the real-world fruit of the same name.

Superball Flower[edit]

Superball Flowers turn Mario into Superball Mario. This gives the Mario the ability to shoot Superballs.

("So it is a Mario, huh? -FanOfYoshi (talk)")

Sweet Cookie Snack[edit]

sells for 20-30 coins (not completly sure)

Wario's Poop[edit]

Wario's Poop is yellow and will appear in Mario Kart Wii and Wario Kart Superstarspeed

Is a player in Wario Kart Wiim he is yellow

("I wonder how well a pile of crap can drive." - Stooben Rooben (talk))

("Well, I wouldn't give him the cup, if he wins" - Megadardery (talk))

Yellow Shell[edit]

Yellow Shells are yellow Koopa Troopa shells that are worn by Koopa Troopas.

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