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Did You Know?

You know how in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, the Possessor Ghosts, when their names are in order, the first letters spell GHOST?

Grouchy Possessor

Harsh Possessor

Overset Possessor

Shrewd Possessor

Tough Possessor

This also happens with the mansions in the game:

Gloomy Manor

Haunted Towers

Old Clockworks

Secret Mine

Treacherous Mansion

As with the secret missions, which are unlocked by getting every Boo in the game:

Gradual Infiltration

Hostile Intrusion

Outlandish Interruption

Severe Infestation

Terrifying Invasion

While looking at some articles the other day, I noticed that if you put the standard ghosts in Luigi's Mansion 3 in a certain order, you also get GHOST:






Isn't that interesting?