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Good morning, good evening, good afternoon.

As this is my user page, you may be wondering just who I am and just what it is I do.

Let's just say I do what I can do to contribute to this wikipedia. I rewrite articles in need of revision, create articles in need of creation, and collaborate on projects with various users.

As you can see, I am revising my user page yet again. Do expect this regularly as I am experimenting in search of a perfect format.

If you have any requests for page creations, or if there is anything else I am able to help you with, don't hesitate to let me know! I enjoy feeling productive and accomplished.

I've had a lot of time for reflection lately, as I'm sure everyone has. I'd like to apologize for several things I did last year. I of course hope you understand this.

My friend code for my Nintendo Switch is SW-0065-1066-0151. Go right ahead.

Also, here's a new type of table, one showing the projects I am currently working on as well as the ones I have already completed. Expect this to be changed often as well.

Game Goal Completed? Fellow Contributor/s

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

The most recent Mario Kart installment, released as part of the 35th Anniversary celebration. I did not purchase it, and as such do not own it. Most of the articles for these tracks were very simple as the tracks provided have merely aesthetic features, perhaps a few changes to the gates.

Write articles for every track. Usually, I would include an infobox with the course icon, a template, a category, a description of the unique visual changes and gimmicks, a description of the course icon, and descriptions of the gates.

I have checked the grammar, and I am satisfied with the current conditions of these articles. Considering the gimmick of this particular game, there really wasn't much to note. Special thanks to Wynn Liaw, who has recently become a patroller, for adding the music that plays in each track. Congrats!

Wrote articles for Live Circuit, Lightning Lagoon, Piped Wetlands, and Freezie Frosts.

Wynn Liaw

Noted what music is used from Mario Kart 8 for each track.

Here's another chart. This one shows all of the articles I've written/created. I hope to keep this neat, tidy and organized as well.

♣ = The name of the article is conjectural and was decided by an editor, most often myself.

Game Tracks Items



Energy Drink
Interrupting Seal
Gag Mic
Paper Mushroom
Pie Kart
Super Mic
Whirling Wheel

MKL Logo.png

Boo Fortress
Bowser's Castle
Chain Chomp Glacier
Chain Chomp Stadium
Cheep Cheep Reef
Crafty Tropics
Ember Island
Glazed Gardens
Gusty Galaxy
Jolly Workshop
Magikoopa Mirage
Mushroom Fields
Piranha Paradise
Rainbow Road
Royal Highway
Tornado Tundra
Wibble Woods
Windswept Prairie
Work Zone
World 1-1