Pasta Land

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Pasta Land
“I think we finally found a place that could make me happier than Brooklyn!”
Mario, The Pied Koopa

Pasta Land is an area from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. It is first seen in the episode "The Pied Koopa", and is revisited in the episode "Mario and the Red Baron Koopa".

Pasta Land is named for the fact that it is the only place where cooked pasta, such as spaghetti, pre-twirled on huge forks, somehow manages to grow out of the ground. Additionally, many areas of the ground resemble a red and whited checkered tablecloth, giving Pasta Land the atmosphere of an Italian restaurant. However, given the nature of the two episodes that take place in Pasta Land, it appears to be based on Germany.

In the center of Pasta Land is a village inhabited by Mushroom Folk, who make a living harvesting their local crops. As spaghetti is abundant in the area, it is most likely a staple in the diet of every villager. The mayor of Pasta Land is Mayor Fettuccine.

In another area of Pasta Land is the castle of the Pied Koopa. It is surrounded by a moat inhabited by Trouters, and like any Koopa castle, houses a large dungeon.

Pasta Land is apparently technologically behind, as Koopa states that "radios haven't been invented yet" there.

If one can get to the sky directly above Pasta Land, they'll reach Cloud Land, where Sam Shalam's used flying carpet lot can be found.