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If you understand any of this, you're smarter than us.

Adventure Tours story[edit]

The single player mode for the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games has a set of Adventure Tours which revolve around a plot involving Bowser and Dr. Eggman's scheme to melt all the snow by capturing the Snow Spirits in Christmas Village.

Luigi's story[edit]

Luigi is found at Frostown walking in circles. He looks like he's having a good time and he wants Mario or Sonic to challenge him on Cross Country. After beating him, he seems happy that he lost or applauding the winner. He says that he wants to join the party.

While at Sparkleton, Luigi helps Mario and Sonic to look for the key but Boo scares him away but Luigi bumps to a tree that drops the key but Boo stole the key. Help Luigi find the key in 40 seconds. After getting the key, Boo ran away and about to tell King Boo.

After clearing the ice walls at Polastraits, King Boo is mad because his Boos told him that Luigi hurt their feelings about the key in Sparkleton. Luigi challenges him on Alpine Skiing GS. After beating King Boo, he ran away just like Boo and he is going to tell him that Luigi hurt his fellings.

Tails' story[edit]

At Frostown, Miles "Tails" Prower knows Mario and Sonic is with him. He wants Sonic or Mario to challenge him on Ski Jumping match. After beating Tails he wants Sonic to take him along and he's good with machinery.

While at Sparkleton, Amy Rose is looking for Tails because she needs help that her rifle broke and she wants him to fix it for her and he didn't test it out. Tails challenge her on Ski Shooting.

While at Polastraits, there is a gate that looks like the one at Frostown but Yellow Shy Guy wants anyone to try it if it works. Tails knowed that the gate of Polastraits works but Toad thinks that we should head to Frostown to look at that broken gate. Back at Frostown with the broken gate, Tails can try to fix the gate. Help Tails to pick the right part in 15 seconds. After fixing the gate, the gate opens the same way just like the one at Polastraits with Yellow Shy Guy.

Peach's story[edit]

In Frostown, there is a Thwomp in the corner blocking the way. Toad suggests that they need Princess Peach to do something with Thwomp. Peach is finally found at Sparkleton and she's looking for Mario but she gets to know Sonic. Peach is exited to see Mario again. Toad doesn't know that why is Peach all by herself. She told him that she came to take a peek at the snow festival. Mario challenges her on Snow Machine Fight. After defeating Peach, she congratulate Mario from completing the mission and she can join the team. Toad telled her that there is a Thwomp at Frostown.

At Sparkleton, Goomba is been hearing things about Peach. He knows that she's good at Snow Machine Fight but he wants to see Peach on the Snow Machine Fight. After completing the mission, Goomba gives Peach a Shooting Rifle that he got from Bowser and now its all hers and others.

Back at Frostown with Thwomp, if Peach butters him up he'll be in a good mood. Help Peach Cheer Up Thwomp in 40 seconds. After defeating Thwomp, he calmed down and stop blocking the path.

Amy's story[edit]

Amy is found at Sparkleton and she's looking for Tails because her rifle broke so she wants him to fix it for her but he didn't test it out before its fixed and she wants Tails to challenge her of Ski Shooting. After beating Amy, her rifle worked perfectly and she joins the team and she has a Piko Piko Hammer and she gets to know Mario.

Back at Frostown with the panel, Amy can use her Piko Piko Hammer to push the right face in order. Help Amy Push The Button in order in 40 seconds. After pushing the faces, the gate opened.

At Polastraits, Amy tells Big the Cat about the sign near him. She explains that each mission details is written there just like the one that he's standing next to but Big doesn't understand. Amy told him that a mission's a mission and its Alpine Skiing GS. Toad told her that it'd be easy if she can show Big by trying the mission. After completing the mission, Big was paying attention while Amy is skiing. He gave Amy a Spark Luge to thank her and he found it while he was fishing.

Yoshi's story[edit]

At Sparkleton, there are five lights near a gate but no one can reach it. Toad suggests that they need to find Yoshi so he can reach the five lights. Yoshi is found at Polastraits and he wants anyone to challenge him on the Luge. After beating Yoshi, he congratulates Mario and Sonic and he joins the team. Toad tells him about the lights in Sparkleton and it won't stop. Yoshi would like to visit Sparkleton one day.

Back at Sparkleton, if Yoshi sticks his tongue out it can reach. After lighting the lights, the gate opened and Yoshi can help out again.

At Cubyrinth, Yoshi tells everyone that it's easy to get lost there. He puts his Drift Board down and to go for a walk but he got lost and can't find his drift board anymore. Later with Birdo, she found the drift board that Yoshi lost. Yoshi tells her that the board belongs to him but she thinks that Yoshi is mistaken that it's hers. Birdo says that the board has to belong to the top athlete and she's taking it herself to return it to the top athlete but Yoshi doesn't know that what a top athlete is. Toad tells him that the top athlete is the best at sports in the land. She wants Yoshi to make it through the Ski Cross Racing challenge and the board is his. After completing the mission, Yoshi finally got his drift board back.

Knuckles' story[edit]

At Frostown, Knuckles the Echidna is seen on a mission sign and he knows Mario and Sonic is with him. Toad heard about him and Sonic. If he wants to join the team, he wants anyone to beat him at the Biathlon. After beating Knuckles, he finally joined the team.

At Polastraits, he helps Cream the Rabbit open the chest. Once the chest is opened there's a Fighter's Stick but Cream want to the Luge event so if he wins the luge mission she'll give him the stick. After completing the mission, Knuckles finally got the Fighter's Stick.

At Cubyrinth, there's a lever and Toad doesn't know that what the lever is for. He thinks that it opens the floor in the middle. Knuckles is going to move the lever. After he pulls the lever, everyone falls down from Cubyrinth to Polastraits. Toad doesn't know that they're at Polastraits because he can hear the ocean and there is a big ice blocking the way so everyone is trap surrounded by the ice and ocean including Penguin. Knuckles can crack the big piece of ice. Help Knuckles Break The Ice in 45 seconds. After breaking the ice, Toad thinks that everyone can go through the big hole of ice.

Shadow's story[edit]

After opening the gate, a lady named Rouge the Bat seems sad or bored. Toad thinks that Rouge came to see the Olympic Winter Games. Rouge is looking for Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow is found at Cubyrinth but Toad thinks that he's Sonic and Shadow introduces the people who doesn't know him except his SEGA friends. He wants anyone to challenge him on Ski Cross Racing. After defeating Shadow, he spotted a flying Treasure Hunter on the way there. Toad thinks that Shadow is talking about Rouge. Mario and Sonic wants Shadow to joins the team. He doesn't want anyone alone with Rouge. He can use his Chaos Spear to attack something (just like Amy when she is going to use her Piko Piko Hammer to attack something).

Back at Frostown with Rouge, Rouge tells Shadow that where was he. Shadow tells her that he's been at Cubyrinth looking for her. Shadow tells Rouge that he knew it that she's the treasure hunter. Rouge is going to look for whitestones.

At Sparkleton, there's another gate and pictures in tracks instead of panel and that'll be a job for Shadow. He can use his Chaos Spear to stop the pictures in their tracks. Shy Guy knows the picture in order but he forgot because he doesn't know where did he put it. After looking for the order of pictures, Toad thinks that the gate can open if Shadow line the pictures in the right order. Help Shadow to stop the pictures in the right order in 40 seconds. After stopping the pictures, the gate finally opened.

At Icepeak with Rouge, Bowser, and Dr. Eggman, Shadow told her that he and Rouge had an agreement to search for whitestones together. Rouge telled him that the opportunity is too good to pass up. Shadow challenges her on Figure Skating match. After beating Rouge, Shadow can count on Rouge about that she's glad we're able to free the snow spirit.

Blaze and Silver's story[edit]

Right after the gang defeat King Boo, Toad encounters Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat near a mission sign. The duo explains to Toad how they escaped and came to Polastraits. They tell Mario and Sonic they're going to join the team when they lose to them in a match of Ice Hockey (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games) when they get 1 point in the beginning.

However, devastated that they lost, they magically disappear. Toad is surprised about what happened. Later in Cubyrinth, Mario, Sonic and Toad encounter some strange Robo Balls at the beginning of the maze. Toad suggests they need to find Silver and Blaze again. Later in the same place, they find them again. Silver tells the trio that he and Blaze are sorry that they disappeared. Then he challenges the gang to a match of Fever Hockey when they receive 30 points in the beginning. Once the gang defeats the duo, they officially joins the group.

Toad then tells Silver about the robo balls. Silver helps the gang by stopping the Robo Balls with his physic powers within 15 seconds. He is later required to get Donkey Kong on the team in Icepeak. In the same location, Toad encounters a strange room with 4 blocks with the marks of Bowser, Eggman, Bowser Jr. and Metal Sonic. Blaze tells Toad that she will help them with the blocks in the correct places within 45 seconds. afterwards, a gate opens, leading the gang to a treasure chest with a Leader's Curling Stone inside. Later in Blizland, she is required to get Daisy to join the team.

Donkey Kong's story[edit]

When Mario, Sonic and Toad encounter a mysterious pole with a button on the top in Polastraits, Toad says that they need to look for a character who climbs a lot. Later in Icepeak, they find Donkey Kong crying due to one of his bananas fell in a deep ledge and he can't reach it. Silver then comes out and uses his physic powers to get the banana back to him. Donkey Kongs tells Silver thank you and challenges him to Moguls in order to join the party. When Silver finally defeats him, he joins the party.

Toad tells him that there's a pole back in Polastraits. There are also obstacles on the pole, such as ice and bombs. When the ape presses the button on the pole, in their amazement, a bridge forms. Later in Icepeak, Donkey Kong tells Vector that what's with the headphones. Vector tells him that he likes music in his own band. After beating Vector, Donkey Kong wants him to join the party.

Vector's story[edit]

In Cubyrinth, Vector the Crocodile is mentioned by Charmy Bee when Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Toad run into him when the bee refused to let the trio get pass him. Toad then tells Charmy they will let him know when they see Vector.

Later in Icepeak, Vector is seen next to a mission sign and he knows Mario and doesn't know that if Sonic is with him. He tells the trio he will join the group if Donkey Kong defeats the music-loving crocodile in a match of Short Track 500m. Once Donkey Kong defeats Vector, he then joins the party.

Toad then tells Vector that Charmy needs to see him back in Cubyrinth. When they arrive in Cubyrinth, Charmy tells Vector in order to open the gate, he must engage in a quiz based on Real and Dream Winter Olympic sports and the islands of the snow spirits. He tells him if he gets 5 questions correct within 45 seconds, he will open the gate and let them through. Vector succeeds, and they go through.

Espio is seen when he tells his friend to let him know how many more whitestones are there in Sparkleton, Cubyrinth, and Blizland. When all the whitestones are found in those islands, he gets surprised that there's none left when the player collects all of them.

Daisy's story[edit]

Princess Daisy is mentioned when Mario, Sonic, and Toad run into a Chao at Icepeak who when asked about the patch of Freezaleas says he "promised to show them to Princess Daisy". Toad comments on how they should let Daisy know if they run into her.

It is later in Blizland that Daisy is found practicing her Ultimate Figure Skating. When Toad questions whether or not Bowser and Eggman brought her there she mentions, "I was just doing some skating in Blizland, and Bowser and Eggman showed up. They started making a castle and a base, and now look at the place! Talk about an unpleasant surprise!". She then explains how she has been in hiding. When she see's the "entourage" of help Mario has gathered she spots Blaze and they strike up a conversation that leads to Daisy challenging Blaze to a round of Ultimate Figure Skating. The player is required to beat Daisy as Blaze.

After Toad mentions the Chao's Freezalea patch in Ice Peak, Daisy joins the group, she tells her friends she wants to go to Icepeak as quick as possible. When they arrive in Icepeak and Daisy is presented the Freezaleas from the Chao, she points out that she saw someone and Chao exclaims, "Kiki's going to destroy the flowers!". A stray Kiki begins wrecking the garden and Daisy is prompted to complete a mini-game to chase the monkey away. Daisy decides to try hitting the monkey with snowballs to stun him. However, Kiki is on the defensive mode by attacking her with snowballs. Afterwards, the Kiki runs away and in the process opens a previously sealed gate.

When Lakitu is encountered in Ice Peak, he mentions to Daisy that it would boost popularity of the missions he's in charge of if she were to compete in them. He also mentions that he will reward her the Meteor Curling Stone if she can complete the missions. The first mission objective is a Short Track event that must be completed in first place with no recovery zones. After completing it, Lakitu informs them to receive the reward, they will have to actually find the second mission and complete it as well.

The second mission is found much later in Blizland and it is an Intense Short Track event. In the event, Daisy is required to reach the goal without falling from the course. Once completed, Lakitu will offically give Daisy the Meteor Curling Stone.

Wario and Waluigi's story[edit]

Mario and Sonic encounter Wario and Waluigi in Polastraits. The duo tell them they need to defeat them in Bobsleigh in order to join the team. Once they defeat the duo, enraged, Wario and Waluigi begins to run toward the thin ice, create a hole on it, and then jump into the cold ocean. Toad is surprised to learn about it.

Much later in Icepeak, Toad finds Wario and Waluigi again. The duo tells them they were enraged because they lost. So they offer Mario and Sonic to defeat them in Snowboard Cross or else they will not join the team. Once Mario and Sonic defeat them, they officially join the team.

Later in Blizland, they encounter a Chain Chomp who is blocking the way. Wario decides to perform a Wario Waft to knock it off the platform. Once it gets knocked off the platform, the player proceeds there mission to save the Snow Sprits. Toad later runs into a Shy Guy to inform Waluigi about the secret location back in Cubyrinth. Once they get transported back there, Waluigi throws Bob-ombs at a Bomb Flapper. Afterwards, a hole forms and they discover a secret place with a lot of Shy Guys.

While at Blizland, Waluigi tells Dark Chao that he is stewed because Bowser and Dr. Eggman pulled a fast on him and Wario told him that they offered him food to teach Chao to think with his stomach. Wario guessed not everyone can be smart and good-looking as us. Dark Chao told them that they didn't have to say it. Princess Daisy told Wario & Waluigi to apologize. Stomach that everyone is thinking is Wario.