Ski Jumping

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Ski Jumping

Ski Jumping is an event in the Wii and DS versions of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. It takes place at the Whistler Olympic Park. In this event the players must ski down a take-off ramp to fly as far as possible to compete for points, based on combined jump distance and from both in mid-air and landing.

Individual Large Hill[edit]

In this event, the player gets two chances to jump and score points based on Distance, Balance and Landing.

Team Large Hill[edit]

This event is similar to Individual Large Hill, except it is in a team of 4. All four characters try to combine for the best score possible.


Wii version[edit]

The player starts by flicking the Wii Remote down. They then twist the remote to balance before takeoff, and balance by moving the remote left and right. Going off-balance can result in a shorter distance. To land, the player has to flick the Wii Remote down just before landing to get the maximum points for the jump.

DS version[edit]

Ski Jumping seen in the DS

In the DS version, it is referred to as Ski Jumping LH, which is exactly the same as the Wii version except there is no balancing before jumping. Players get to jump twice in this event. The Touch Screen and the Stylus are used in this event. To get a boost at the start of the jump, the player must touch and hold the screen on "2", and then stroke up when the countdown ends. Jump by stroking up just before the edge of the hill. To balance, they must touch the two foot pads, then land by stroking down near the ground. Again, players get points for distance, balance, and landing.