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Speed Skating is an event in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The game relies on speed, timing, and rhythm.


Speed Skating 500m[edit]

The event Speed Skating 500m.

This is the first variation of Speed Skating, and is regarded as the main variation. The track in this event is 500m long. As soon as the word "GO! "appears on the screen, players need to shake the Wii Remote. For the first few seconds of the race, the player needs to continuously shake the Wii Remote. After a while, the player must flick the Wii Remote left and right alternately, while also having the option to press A Button button for a Speed Boost. In the last few seconds of the race, the Final Sprint, the player needs to quickly shake the Wii Remote up and down.

In the DS version, the event is played by mashing the L Button and R Button buttons alternately. To gain a Starting Boost, the player should hold the shoulder buttons when "2" appears on the game screen and let them go when "GO" appears. Then the player needs to press the shoulder buttons alternately to accelerate. When the player reaches a corner, they should hold R Button while pressing L Button to do a sharp turn. If the player needs to do a final dash, they should hold the shoulder buttons when instructed to.

Short Track 1,000m[edit]

Short Track 1,000m is the second variation of Speed Skating. In this variant, the track is 250 meters. The player must skate 4 laps around the track using the same method as Speed Skating 500m.

Short Track Relay[edit]

This is third variation of Speed Skating. It is similar to Short Track 1,000m, as the track is 250m. The player must skate 2 laps around the track, however in this case there are four teams of four. Each player on the team must skate 500m and then hand a baton over to the next teammate, who will do the same until all four team members have skated the required number of laps. Once all members have done so, they have finished the race.

Short Track 500m[edit]

The fourth variation of Speed Skating is the Short Track 500m. In this event, the player must do four laps around the track. The first three laps are 112.5m each, totalling 337.5m, and on the fourth and final lap the player must skate the remaining 162.5m to finish his or her race.

Omega Rival[edit]

In the Wii version, Omega is the Rival in this event. During a Festival, Omega may be one of the Rivals who challenges the character to a Speed Skating 500m race. This is Omega's only appearance in the game.