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This article is about the event in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. For the Yoshi transformation in Yoshi's New Island, see Bobsled Yoshi.
Appeared in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Controls Shake Wiimote: Speed up
A: Jump in
Tilt Wiimote: Steer

Bobsleigh is a regular event in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. It is very similar, and nearly the same thing, as the Skeleton event. Bobsleigh uses 4 players on a team, though 1 player can control the entire Bobsleigh with 1 Wii Remote.

Gameplay and controls[edit]

At the start of Bobsleigh, the Wii Remote is shaken up and down at a fast pace. Then, as soon as "A" appears on-screen, A Button is pressed. For the rest of the race, the game is played with the Wii remote being tilted left-to-right, which steer's the bobsleigh in that direction (players must tilt the Wii remote in rhythm in multi-player). Another critical thing in the game is to keep the bobsleigh in the golden path; this will increase the speed continuously, which will end the course faster.

The DS version is slightly different. There are four teams of two rather than 4 players on 1 team. To start, the player must press the + Control Pad down and B Button super fast. Then they should press the following button input on the screen. To control the sled, the player needs to press + Control Pad right and Y Button to go right and + Control Pad left and A Button to turn left. Teamworks turns gives he or she a boost. But they should be careful not to collide into the walls at high speed or else they will crash and slow down.